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Thread: Hexagram 38

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    Talking Hexagram 38

    I've asked the IC to give me advice on what would be a good next step in my life. I am very lost and conflicted as to both what I actually want and as to what is right.

    Response: Hexagram 38, lines 3 and 5, changing to Hexagram 1.

    38 seems to be about conflict, from the threads I've read in here. I also found a great deal on one thread about about "sin" (don't really understand that!) Gosh, sometimes I'm just thrust into awe all over again at the amazing ability of the IC to respond in ways that address the situation I ask about. I think (stress the think part there please!) that I'm coming to understand the hexagrams better with every reading and just from being in here cruising around so much
    However, I still often struggle when I ask the IC for advice. Although I can see how this hex addresses my inner feelings, I can't seem to obtain the advice it's offering. Is it offering advice or just acknowledging my situation?
    Anyone willing to help me with this response?
    Thank you so very much

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    In the name of displacement activities (of which I am often the queen) I’ll have a crack at this.......

    Krista I don’t think it is any coincidence that hex 1 pops up here (again)

    38 is about divergence, estrangement, parting, and going your own way – in your direction not anyone else’s.

    Here’s a quote from Bradford: “Things like to move and grow according to their natures. More often than not, this will mean moving and growing apart. Existence means to stand out…………………..But if growth itself grows distances, then maturity learns to cross distances not to erase them.”

    38.3 is often about how you deal with irreconcilable difference – and while keeping in mind the council of the hex to go your own way the implication is that you deal with this difference in a mature manner.

    38.5 is often about taking decisive steps to move on and understanding that you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first. If you can do this then you will be rewarded for your efforts because ultimately this will earn you respect.

    I think that this is about making your life decisions with an eye to yourself and not other people and if you can do that then you will find you haven’t lost the important folks anyway – they don’t live your life – you do. Meanwhile be mature in your dealings with them. You say the internal conflict is between doing what you want and doing the ‘right thing’. I suspect these hexes are offering you advice about how to address that conflict. You have to find a way to stop that internal conflict from being an either/or situation and the advice of hex 38 says the route to that is to walk your own path and if you have the courage to do that you will [hex 1] create a whole new life for yourself.

    You had hex 1 the other day about making ideas into realities otherwise they are just ideas or even an indulgence and here it is again today saying in capital letters CREATE.


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    You have gotten entangled in activities that do not nurture your highest good. Most likely a job that gives you a paycheck but is not healthy for you.
    Quit the job.
    The Universe will still support you if you...

    1. Put your health first.
    (The superior man makes himself strong and untiring.)

    I suggest you start now by going out and buying some "Health Food". As the universe sees you are putting your paycheck into health I believe you will be instinctively guided to a clearer, easier path. Put health first and the rest will follow.

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    Default Oh my....

    Gosh Rosada! I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open at your words. I have been debating/struggling for the past year with the issue of my job not being healthy for me emotionally or mentally....bouncing back and forth between giving up on my commitment and "saving myself" per se....
    I strongly feel this job (especially while combined with the challenges of my personal life) has directly had a severely adverse effect on my overall health, both physically and mentally. Yet, I fiercely believe in what I do and its importance (I advocate for young children who have been sexually abused). It's a real struggle for me to maintain my own positive energy while dealing daily with such horribly unthinkable situations and people...and in spite of the amount of effort and heart I put into my job, happy endings are extremely rare in these situations.
    Sorry to go on and on here, but I was absolutely amazed at your interpretation of my reading!! It makes me realize how seriously I need to consider both your advice and the urgings of my soul in regard to this conflict.
    Thank you to both you and Lucia for responding here. A milion thank you's...this really helps give me some places to start in re-directing myself, as well as (much needed) hope and faith that it's all for a bigger reason and has a greater plan.


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