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Thread: hex 27 does this mean go for it?

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    Default hex 27 does this mean go for it?

    this is my first time using this site. I asked what is the likley outcome of a specific new career path, one in which i find exciting but not prepared for at all. (someone suggested i might be good at it). and i got the hex. 27 with no changing lines. Part of me really wants a career change but i put up so many obstacles for myself that i doubt it can or will happen. What is hex 27 telling me and where can i go from here?


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    I say 27 is telling you to nourish your dream and not feed your self negative suggestions. If you think you can or you think you can't you're both right.

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    To me it sounds like saying "pick a job that will nourish you".
    Or, "this job will nourish you".
    If you're certain it will bring in the money for you, go for it.
    27 is mainly about sustaining oneself.
    If this was the ideal job for you, i'd personally expect a 48 or something.
    Of course one can always take nourishment metaphorically.
    But in my experience, 27 is a hexagram quite 'practical' in nature usually.

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    I think 27 unchanging asks you to consider very carefully your needs in life and how this new career path will affect your nourishment on all levels. I don't think its a prediction, its saying figure out what you need, how will this career fulfill those needs.

    Very often 27 refers to money, our physical survival needs so thats something to look in to. And then how it nurtures other areas, you know it provides excitement but how tiring is it etc etc. What you think are obstacles maybe actually practical realistic considerations that you can't simply dismiss without thought.

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    Default nourishing words

    I meditated on your responses last night. As well, i read thomas Cleary"s Taoist I-Ching. 's I felt that I was being asked to nourish the possibility of the query. If it is something i am seeking, seek it further and develop it more. Nourish the thought of it and put some thoughts into action, maybe take some steps. I think by doing this i will be nourished. More of a emotional and spiritual nourishment though. I am not feeling it as a financial nourishment in any way. Which I am also considering. Perhaps the I -ching wants me to nourish my wallet, which this prospect would not do for some years being that it requires schooling. Do you have any suggestions for further clarifying the answer?


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    Default Hexagram 27, no moving lines

    Welcome to this site, Diamondlion!

    Getting hex 27 with no moving lines means that your concept is perfectly well-balanced.

    Let me explain: The lower three lines of hex 27 refer to your nourishing yourself, on the practical level, in the sense of earning your daily bread; providing for yourself. The upper three lines refer to your receiving and giving spiritual, cultural, educational, literary, psychological and other types of higher nourishment to others. Your field, I take it, has something to do with words, perhaps writing or teaching, and maybe giving metaphorical "nourishment" to others. Either that, or you are in the restaurant business! Ha!

    Hexagram 27 means: what goes in and out of an open mouth. That could be food. That could be words. That could be encouragement. That could be inspiration. The words that come out of our mouths depend entirely on what we put into our minds. In the case of hex 27 with no moving lines, all is perfectly balanced and well-modulated.

    Best of luck to you! Your concept is looking real good to the I Ching!

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    Default interesting barbara

    thank you for the insight Barbara,

    The career in question is actually eastern medicine/ accupuncture.

    I really enjoy learning new insights into the I-Ching. You say the bottom hexagram addresses the self and the upper is conserned with others. Since my answer had no old lines you say it is perfectly balanced. I'm still learning about this. Perhaps since there is nothing changing there is no going forward. "Lower Jaw/ Nourish" Makes me feel like i have to nourish myself first. If i nourish myself then i can nourish others. Talking about my ideas and about eastern medicine can nourish me and in that way i am feeding myself. The thing i'm getting hung up on though, is that i am used to having to hexagrams. he first has represented the present moment and the second i take to represent what is likely to happen. Not having a second hexagram kind of throws me off. I havn't come acrooss that yet.

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    Since it is unchanged, it strongly shows you that the most crucial point
    here is to consider and secure your (physical and practical) nourisment
    and survival. You said you will have to study for years, so it makes total
    sense to concentrate first and foremost on how you are going to find and
    secure money for food/rent/survival, for all those years of study. Of
    course ideas and studies etc can "nourish the soul", but in order to do
    that we need to make sure we remain alive first

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondlion View Post
    Perhaps since there is nothing changing there is no going forward.
    I doubt that. The Yijing has plenty of ways to say "stop" if it needs to. No, I think Barbara is right -- your enquiry is just where you should be, neither too strong nor too yielding. Perhaps its time for asking Yi some more questions?

    As your new to the site, you may like to look at Choosing a question.

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    Default nourishing of course

    thank you diamanda and javalava

    Diamanda, i like what you said. If i understand you well then an unchanging hexagram adresses the "basic" needs. An unchanging 27 is saying i must first secure basic nourishment. I first need money and food in the here and now (which is funny because i am unemployed). I feel trapped by my circumstances. Oh well.

    I do think i will think of some other questions in the line of guidance.

    Thanks all

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