Dear Clarity friends

Happy New Year to all.

On January 1st I cast my hexagram for 2009; it is 42.2,3,5 leading to 26 (not sure about the relating hexagram right now).

More or less, it is easy to understand the hexagram and the moving lines although there's always the possibility that I may be overlooking something.

Since hexagram 42 clearly stipulates that one should make the best use of the opportune time while it lasts, I'd like to focus on the right attitude for it. I suppose that being receptive to opportunities etc. is one thing. Focusing on self-development or self-improvement is another. Perhaps the lines also point to the right attitude such as "receptivity to and love of the good" (line 2) or not letting unfortunate events deter you (line 3)?

I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions regarding this matter. I'm sure that quite a few of you have experienced a 42 time at some period in your life and perhaps have something to add as to the right attitude in order to make the most of the time of increase.