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    Hello all

    I have had many aha answers again recently. Among them is the above but I'd also like to share another couple.

    I have been discussing the merit of the Yi with two very practically minded or intellectualizing people. They maintain that for any given question, any given hexagram and moving line could relate. I beg to differ - not least because of their difference in meaning and the detailed imagery, and I could imagine getting a reading to a question that was completely irrelevent... Suffice to say, unfortunatley I could not persuade them. But later, I asked :

    On what principle do you work?
    58.3 > 43

    Which I read as saying the Yi encourages an inner joy in people which is not dependant on externals and so remains stable? Changing to 43 perhaps saying that it is an attempt to break free from negativity or having a breakthrough, about the meaning of life and strivings of human nature (towards inner joy?)

    I then asked, to check:

    Are you mere probability?
    36.2 > 11

    Hmm I think plainly darken the light on that thought, it is not relevant, be at peace with the fact that it works. And perhaps saying the striving of the Yi is towards redressing the balance in your unconcsious between Yin and Yang? Thoughts?

    I have also been feeling socially awkward recently and am annoyed that it does return, even with people that I should trust as friends. When I feel inhibited I immediately feel that I am letting down the other person, so I must try and make up for it. I just get painfully conscious when I am not talking and making the other relaxed and have a good time. I know I shouldn't blame myself, it's probably normal to have these moments of distance with people, and remembering the good times should make up for it, but i just wish I didn't catastrophise so mcuh when I' feeling shy and uncomfortable, as it makes me behave unnaturally and I know it's a product of my desire to please all the time, which probably ends up making the other annoyed or uncomfortable... then I feel like I want to spend time alone, which probably increases the alienation..

    I asked why am I feeling quiet and inhibited?
    63.2 > 5

    Perfect imagery! Being more comfortable behind a veil because of a lack of confidence, but the demands of social life mean it is whipped off sometimes when I am not prepared? This from Lise's site is good:

    6 at 2:
    Do not lose your dignity by chasing after your dignity. Just wait, and the things you deserve will come to you, because they belong to you.
    (Changes to hex.5)

    Perhaps suggesting I shouldn't force things or try to oppose and criticise my nature as I do? I just can't help thinking when I'm being silent and reserved, it is boring and terrible.. but I know I'm not that way all the time.. I just go down sometimes and then self doubt creeps in..

    Any thoughts on the above readings? I know the third one is a bit silly and I shouldn't dwell on the perceived failings of my character (which probably does just boil down to a tendency to introversion).

    Anyway very relevant readings, as always, so there sceptics

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    Hi em ching,

    Re questions 1 and 2; You might find some amazing insights by asking not only how Yi works in general, but how it works for you specifically. It's a great way to develop a personal relationship with Yi, and to get a sense of what needs looking into. And who cares what the skeptics think, right? Poor them.

    Having said that, your third question is not silly at all, quite the opposite. And what an auspicious answer! Yi is saying there is nothing at all wrong in being shy, "Do not throw yourself away on the world"! Perhaps you are feeling socially awkward, but Yi is saying it's okay; keep to yourself for now and eventually this cycle will end. This is 63 we're dealing with, so you'll only have to wait/5 for a bit until the change comes. But line two also suggests that you work on yourself in the meantime. That could mean a lot of things-- studying the I Ching, writing in a journal, cultivating an interest or hobby. If you feel the need to be alone, then honor that. Being shy can feel like a curse, I know. But then shy people tend to be to the most sensitive and compassionate friends from my experience. You have a lot to offer, says Yi. So go easy on yourself, and don't follow those who make you feel unworthy. Hmm... do you enjoy being around animals or children? Maybe being with those who are more trusting and less judgemental would be a good thing for right now? Whatever the case, be patient. Feel the self doubt if you have to, but also honor what is positive in yourself. Remember 63, this too shall pass.
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    Thanks very much Marien.
    I'm finding the Yi more and more fascinating recently and have been reading into how it can be eplained by Quantum theory (of all things ) and the scientific theory of Entanglement (which apparently could explain synchronicity) So thanks for the suggestion I will ask about how the Yi works for me.

    Yeah that's how I saw 63 > 5 which is encouraging
    I guess it's just the way things are at the mo - a combination of probably not being with the right people for me (though we rub along fine and have had good times there is something missing - also illustrated by a reading I had re my housemates 14.1, 5 > 44 - things have been good but now have a feeling they are going down a bit again - 44 as a warning to be aware that there is a negative element to my relationship with these people which will inevitably creep in again I think..?)

    Anyway, yes good suggestions I will continue to listen to my nature. Though I am trying, I should remain true to myself too. I know it's not all bad, and hopefully, as you suggest, meaybe I will come out of this soon and be at peace with myself, and so those around me.



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