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Thread: 34.1 to 32 job security

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    Default 34.1 to 32 job security

    There have been tightening of budgets at work and general grumbling. Our department has tons of work to do and not enough people to do it. My contact is due for renewal towards the end of the year so I asked the Yi:

    Status of my contract being renewed

    Answer is 34.1 to 32

    I take that as yes it will be but to guard against being too aggressive? Also that yes it will be but I am restless and am wanting to look for something else.

    I was thinking about asking for a pay rise but maybe I shouldn't.

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    Status of my contract being renewed? Answer is 34.1 to 32

    To be honest it looks quite negative, so better look for a new job.

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    Thanks willowfox. How does it look negative?

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    Basically that your contract will not be renewed.

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    Status of my contract being renewed
    Answer is 34.1 to 32
    Hi Sunnygirl

    Your inital comments on the reading looked to be pretty astute. You have a good handle on the situation in front of you.

    34 -Wilhelm indicates "Therefore in times of great power the superior man avoids doing anything that is not in harmony with the established order."
    So, perhaps this is saying you don't want to get ahead of yourself or rock the boat in any outward manner. You know what you want from the situation, and use what is going on around you for best advantage.
    34.1 -You are not in a strong situation at the moment. Don't try to force anything to happen (e.g ask for a pay rise or maybe even look for another job?) let it all happen organically. You can only control your own actions, try to bring your wants and needs into alignment.

    32 - Keep following your dream, understand what it truly is that you need here then do what you think is right for you.

    Whether that means looking for another job now as Willowfox suggested, only you will be able to answer.

    Take Care


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    Thanks for the feedback!

    The tentative end date is in September so I've got plenty of time regardless.

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    How did it go?


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