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Thread: to 62 - about meeting a life partner in the near future

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    Default to 62 - about meeting a life partner in the near future

    Sorry I think I did this all wrong!! I wanted to quote an old post but ended up on the end of that post instead of starting a new one! So apologies if it appears twice but here it is again as a new thread......

    Also, here is the link to the 2008 post I'm referring to


    Hi I am new to the forum but have read numerous postings while learning about the IC. It's been great to get so much insight thank you Hilary, Rosada, Willowfox, Dobro, LightofReason, Frank and everyone who contributes to the exploring divination section seem so dedicated

    When I first starting consulting the IC and learning I thought it didn't answer questions about what the future holds but I came across this posting from last year where someone asks exactly that i.e. about a new man appearing. So i asked a similar question - "Will a life partner that I really like a lot, come into my life in the near future?" and I got which leads to 63

    I get my answers from various sources online but mainly from the Total I Ching book by Stephen Karcher. His response for this one says....

    62.1 "small traverses, he acts like a flying bird, trap! the way closes" and he goes on to say not to impress people but to stay low and humble and grounded and don't fly away because if you do you'll surely regret it (funny because I'm definitely planning to go away for 3 months in November this year but was also seriously considering a short holiday in July)

    62.4 "small traverses, this is not a mistake. He does not pass it by, he meets it. Let the adversity that is going be a necessary warning. Don't use this in a long-term Trial" he then explains that this means the transition is made and the small has found the connection and this is not a mistake...to take a look at dangers you've just passed through, the memories and ghosts and to let them be a warning i.e. don't go back
    (well I have been through considerable pain trying to get someone out of my mind and heart these past few years, not to mention waiting and hoping for a strong connection to come along)

    62.5 "small traverses, shrouding clouds bring no rain yet. it comes from our western outskirts. A prince with a string-arrow grasps another in a cave" He explains this as the "climax above" and that the culmination is coming, the autumn rains and the harvest...."You make an enduring connection with someone who is in retreat. This will open up a whole new life"....then adds it will be "a stimulating influence..."
    ( that sounds very positive!! as if I WILL meet someone I connect strongly with)

    Could anyone please shed light and confirm if I'm on the right track.....other sites say completely different things!! Like the LiSe site which seems to always be offering a translated "moral to the story" for the questioner as opposed to being more literal and reflecting what the situation involves based on exactly what the oracle is saying.

    Also how do you determine dates from readings? I notice Willowfox refers to august and also "this year" in the posting above which was posted in April 08 I think......

    Much appreciated

    Jasmine (Jazzy)

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    Your answer is saying for you to stay still and wait, soon enough this fellow will enter your life but whether you can keep him is a different story.

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    thanks Willowfox. Which line is about whether I can keep him or not? Line 5 seems so strong i.e. talking about opening up a whole new life and an enduring connection.

    Also, can you explain the time frame you gave the person from the other thread and how did you apply that?

    thanks again


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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzy View Post
    Which line is about whether I can keep him or not?
    Hex 63, once you are a pair then you will need to make every effort to stay as a pair. The time suggests a need to wait, so October perhaps.

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    thanks again Willowfox. I've gone back and read 63 again and I understand now


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