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Thread: How the I Ching Community works

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    Default How the I Ching Community works


    The I Ching Community is a warm and open place for free, wide-ranging exploration of the I Ching. It’s a place to learn about and from this oracle, through experience, one reading at a time. We respect the desire to learn, and honour the potential for growth in not knowing.

    I asked Yi what the highest potential of this community is. It replied with Hexagram 4, Not Knowing, changing at the fifth line to Hexagram 59, Dispersing.

    Welcome to the Community of Not Knowing!

    The rule

    As befits such a place, there are not many rules.

    A huge diversity of ideas is welcomed and encouraged here, and so is vigorous debate about them all. In all this, please respect other members as individuals, and don’t post personal abuse, flaming, belittling, ‘diagnoses’ of their character flaws, etc.

    A suggestion

    If something about the way you do readings is unfamiliar to most members (eg the method, the text), please edit your signature to include a link to an explanation. (You can always write this yourself in Exploring Divination.)

    Another suggestion

    When you post a reading here in Shared Readings, please include your own response to it, too. Then you're really sharing your reading - which is your conversation with Yi (the I Ching) - and not just the numbers.

    No need to write a book (though you can if you like, of course ): just jot a few things down. For instance... does anything in the answer sound familiar? Feel right - or wrong? If a friend had given you this answer, what would you say to them?

    Also, you don't need to be some kind of expert for this. I think it's even an advantage, sometimes, not to be: you don't have a freight of existing ideas to carry round, so you're free to see your reading with clear eyes. Then other members can benefit from your unique perspective, and you benefit from centring yourself in your own sense of the reading - engaging with it as yours, not just some lines on a page - before you open it up to others' thoughts.

    A note about deleting posts (because sometimes people ask me to delete their posts after the three day ‘editing’ period on them has expired)

    You own the copyright in what you post here, and you grant Clarity a license to publish it here on the website. This means I have the final say on whether or not messages are deleted, edited or moved once they’re posted here.

    Normally I (and other moderators) do not delete or edit posts, because a) everyone benefits from the archives here and b) it's not fair to other members if what they replied to vanishes or changes. In rare cases, we'll make an exception. But before you post anything on the public forums, please consider that they are public. If you don't want your post to show up in Google search results, support Clarity and join Change Circle! (Then you can use the private 'Reading Circle' forum.)

    How you can help

    Use the ‘thanks’ button! (The 'thumbs up' sign under each post. If you can't see it yet, make a few more posts and it will magically appear.)

    If you post a reading for comment, please come back and post feedback on how things worked out.

    And if there's a problem, please use the post reporting system to get help from the moderators.

    When to report a post

    • If it's spam
    • If it's in the wrong forum (moderators will move it for you)
    • If it seems to you to break the rule against personal abuse, 'diagnosis' etc.

    You can report a post by clicking the little 'warning triangle' icon just below it and to the left:

    And please remember that discussing other members’ behaviour is off-topic for the main forums, so don't post a retort.

    You can also report abusive/ offensive/ spammy private messages.

    How post reporting works (what to expect)

    The report is emailed to me and to our moderators along with your message. Only the moderators can see that a post has been reported, and they will keep the identity of the 'reporter' confidential.

    A moderator visits the thread, reads it through and considers what to do next. They might...

    • in the case of spam, delete all the spammer's posts and ban them permanently (of course)
    • decide the post's acceptable and take no action (in which case they'll contact you to explain why)
    • contact the original poster and ask them to delete or edit their post
    • delete/ edit the post themselves and contact the original poster with an explanation and warning

    After someone makes a second post that breaks the rule, the moderator may suspend them for a brief 'cooling off' period of from 48 hours to a week, at the moderator's discretion.

    Anyone who persists in making abusive/ offensive posts will be referred on to me for longer suspension or a permanent ban.

    If you disagree with a moderator's decision you can ask them about it politely, or you can email me to protest. But sending personal abuse to moderators for doing their job is not tolerated, and incurs a one-week suspension right away.

    Using the Moderation forum

    If you see a pattern of behaviour that's causing problems and isn't being dealt with satisfactorily, please use the 'Moderation' forum. This forum exists purely as a place to resolve current problems in the main forums. Its only purpose is to ensure that the main forums are a safe space for discussing the I Ching. Hence any post made here should contain links to and quotations from specific, recent problem posts.

    If you see a post in Moderation that doesn't serve this purpose, please report it. If mods agree with you, it'll be deleted outright. (And as with rule-breaking posts in the main forums, the poster will be warned first, and suspended from the forum if they do the same again.)
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    Default Moderation - guidance

    Hi Hilary
    I would just like to send you my appreciation for the new guidance you have published. I think that these are wonderful ideas.
    well done and thanks very much.
    Big love,

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    Default Hi, Hilary

    I love the 4 hexagram, changing to Dispersing. It just goes to show how in tune you are with the Yi. Thanks once again for providing this wonderful playing field. May you be blessed many many times over for your care, generosity and gentle good humor.


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    Just before we went, there were posted some pictograms (? newbie)
    anyhow, just wanted to share how I found to layer them, with the
    license permitted to beginners ;-)




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    hi C, is this your site you've linked to?
    A friend of mine once sent me the link to a Bogie clip you'd have enjoyed . . too bad youtube put it down due to 'terms of use violation' . .

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    The Highest Potential for This Community

    4.5 > 59

    Youthful Folly has success.
    It is not I who seeks the young fool;
    The young fool seeks me.
    At first oracle I inform him.
    If he asks two or three times, it is importunity.
    If he importunes, I give him no information.
    Perseverance furthers.

    Thus the superior man fosters his character
    By thoroughness in all that he does.

    Childlike folly brings good fortune.

    Dispersion. Success.
    The king approaches his temple.
    It furthers one to cross the great water.
    Perseverance furthers.

    Thus the kings of old sacrificed to the Lord
    And built temples.

    His loud cries are as dissolving as sweat.
    Dissolution! A king abides without blame.
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    I love this reading Hilary got on The Highest Potential for this site!
    Wow, to go from childlike folly to the king approaching his temple...

    I wrote out the Wilhelm translation of these lines and included the fan yao, 59.5, because this line seems to contain some advice worth considering as we are having such lively discussions now over on Moderation:

    In times of general dispersion and separation, a great idea provides a focal point for the ORGANIZATION OF RECOVERY. Just as an illness reaches its crisis in a dissolving seat, so a great and stimulating idea is a true salvation IN TIMES OF GENERAL DEADLOCK. It gives the people a rallying point - a man {versed in the I Ching?} in a ruling position who can dispel misunderstandings.

    I think the I Ching is saying that we can turn to the I Ching to help resolve these situations.

    btw, I like the word "resolve". It can be read "re-solve" , like take the problem and the solution apart and solve it differently..
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    I just joined this online community and want to express my gratitude to the founder and the members for it. I have been learning things for free as a non-member reading posts, and now I want to begin to "give back" by participating in the public dialogue, for whatever that might be worth. What I think is best about this is that it is totally open to everyone with a Web connection, and for free.

    From the fool seeking advice from the sage to 59: dispersion... building temples. Indeed...
    After reading the description for 59 at http://www.yijing.nl/i_ching/hex_49-64/59-60.htm, I'd say...
    * the forums are like cyberspace "temples" where one may go for contemplation
    * beginners can come here and grow to become sages in their own right
    * dispersion/flood as the wisdom of the I Ching/Yi Jing spreading like a flood throughout the world without boundaries
    * dispersion/flood overflowing of boundaries/obstacles: like the Yi itself which transcends the limiting obstacles of our regular perception to give us access to the unbounded undefinable sublime wisdom of the Tao/Dao

    I don't know about others, but I'm totally...
    Gettin' Jingy With It! ;-D

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    Thank you, Jingy. (Can we call you Jingy? ) I like your take on 59.

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