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Thread: hexagram 42 to 63

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    Yeah, another post about an ex. I know I need to get a life.

    Small back story: met him online. Dude is from a different state and he's a littel bit older than me. Dated for a few months then he broke up with me. why? Well complications.

    Anyway, every so often I had a small feeling that I saw him or met him before when I was younger like 3 or 6 years old. The feeling came over when I saw one of his child hood videos. He look awfully familar but I could be wrong.

    I recieved a hexagram 42 changing lines 3 and 6 to 63.

    What do you think? I completly stumped.

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    you need to post these in 'shared readings' as you may get more responses there


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