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    For a while now, I've been wondering about an ex. I know he will be calling me soon. Him and I dated for a few months last year but broke up because of problems. Anyway, for months, I've pondered the question "What does he want (from me)?

    while I wait, I'm doing my best to better person spiritually. I'm trying my best to let things go and work on the positives in life, however the question above has been bothering me.
    I recieved a 38.1,38.2,38.4.,38.5 to 20.

    Looking at a few threads, 38 is about opposition, dynamic tension, and individuality?

    Can anyone explain to me what this all means?


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    it sounds like to me that in moving on and letting go of this you will be released from the current struggle thereby becoming available for the relationship that awaits you. you will however need to gain some real understanding of what went wrong in your past relationship in order to be ready for the next relationship.


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    He's not chasing after you because he's hoping you'll return to him of your own free will.

    Line 38.2 often indicates a telephone call, in my experience.

    Line 38.4 seems to be saying that after a period of estrangement and loneliness, he hopes you will find him admirable and that mutual confidence will grow between the two of you. This line indicates unpleasantness, but no error.

    Line 38.5 says regret vanishes. He hopes all difficulties will be overcome.

    What he wants is to do right now is nothing; just talk and see what happens.

    He's taking a wait-and-see attitude. Or both of you are.

    If I were you, I would try to get clear in my own mind what exactly you want from this man. You asked your question from the reverse point of view, the other person's point of view, which makes it difficult to interpret.

    Seems like the Yi has indicated to you that this man wants to get back together with you eventually. He hopes you will change your mind about him and that this estrangement will be overcome. But right now, all he wants to do is talk with you.


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