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Thread: Positive and Negative Hexagrams

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    Quote Originally Posted by pocossin View Post
    Four days ago the power supply for my computer failed. I guessed it was the charger. The replacement painfully cost three times what I expected to pay, but I had no choice. When I installed the new charger, lo and behold my once impaired computer began to work perfectly. I have had two years of trouble that technicians could not diagnose. Interference from the original charger was apparently the sole problem. I think I grew a bit in handling this. If I defined 29.6 in terms of personal experience I'd say it meant overlooking the obvious.
    Yup could be...perhaps there could have been a less painful route to figuring what you needed, but you got accustomed to handling the issue a certain way and ended up in the thorns

    ...but it could have been worse

    you got out in the end

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    It scares me half to death to think that I actually agree with Bradford on something, but I do. He's making a good point here.

    On behalf of those asking this question though, I will answer for them, albeit without their permission... The reason people ask this question is because they have discovered the I Ching and are looking for simple and basic answers for questions in their lives and are mainly just concerned about their future. And that is perfectly understandable. Many of the junior members who come here are not well based in spiritual understanding and simply see life as a game of chance that they must find some way to control. Therefore they "fear" for the future.

    My suggestion for overcoming this fear, is that those who just want a prediction of the future, come to understand that they themselves are that future, and are creating the future they themselves will experience. In this way, one need not fear the future as whatever happens is only a mirror to bring us to ourselves and recognize who we are and the types of things we are likely to create for ourselves. Once a person has experienced and understood this they will come to see that they can create a different future, by changing themselves, and will see in the I Ching not just an automated prognositicor of the future, but a way they can learn about themselves, and grow spiritually, thus enhancing the life they life. Things are not in and of themselves good or bad but only as we make them so. The future isn't so important as our own inner beliefs and responses to life. When we come to understand that, we see things less in terms of good and bad and more in terms of opportunities for growth.


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    I am new to I Ching, but I have studied astrology for more than 40 years. That has led me to the study of a lot of different spiritual ideas. I find that all of the different paths can be read with out a negative/positive out come. There is always a choice and some choices are more difficult or easy, but I don't think they are totally negative or postive.

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    There are definately negative and positive hexagrams but only in relationship to the question we ask and not in with regard to the Yi itself. My advise is, if you are worried about negative hexagrams, stop asking about other people but ask about your own attitude to a particular situation and the negative turns into good and valid advise

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    Nothing bad fortune telling .... only when the news is not good fortune tellers ... it's bad ... and you pay the price for that

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    if you know to apply a scientific fortune telling, it will help you answer many of the problems in life ... but if you're superstitious or blindly believe in something ... I em that it's the worst thing is happening to you

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    Default regarding good/bad hexagrams

    some hexagrams can mean you are not in position of strength eg 33=retreat or 36=darkening of the light 25=getting short changed or ripped off

    also eg trigrams if a person in a family was 1st born son=thunder then hexagrams with thunder trigram eg 25 the general text and moving lines of text will have unique special meaning for you

    6 strike are generally thought of as "bad hexagrams" & 6 combine as "good" but that is not always the case it depends on question and method used eg mei hua=fixed time data created hexagrams read authentic i ching on that or na jia=superiching=coin tossing authentic i ching and classical methods
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    This gives me hope. There are certain hexagrams that make me flinch when I receive them. Numbers 3, 12, 23, 29, and 47 are probably my most feared. This week #7 showed up as the second hexagram. I always know when I receive that particular hexagram that I must somehow stick to the straight and narrow and have focus. Sure enough, a tooth extraction was called for and I must stick to the straight and narrow in terms of medical protocol and getting better. Love the I Ching though. It has saved me in many situations and certainly called out warnings for many others.

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    Sometimes I'm quite happy to see 7 - especially after weeks or months of being told to quit trying to get things done.

    Hope your teeth are happy!

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    Default Serendipity-Synchronicity-Bad News-What?

    After writing about the hexagrams that I fear just a day ago or so, of all times tonight when consulting the Yi about what I can expect in 2012, I drew the dreaded hexagrams 12.3 and then 33 - one I'd forgotten to list in my earlier comment. All I can do now is proceed through the year and hope that things are not too negative. At least I didn't draw 47 or 6. My solace is that if anything comes up that is troublesome, I can always consult the sage again. I find it odd that sometimes I can sit down for a consultation and think of a hexagram that I do not want to receive - and that will be the very one that turns up.

    Having used the book since 1985, I find that I go through stages when the same reading will turn up over and over - letting me know, I suppose, there are things to which I need pay attention. I want to continue to use this website so that I can learn some of the many permutations of a particular reading - rather than taking such a literal view - for example #23, Splitting Apart. So many times though when getting that reading, I do feel that things are splitting apart literally.

    Number 51 used to frighten me as well - Shocking - can have so many negative connotations - however when I've drawn that one and reflect back upon a happening or period of time, frequently it has to do with laughter - the shock of sound.

    Madelyn - ruminating on New Year's eve . . . Happy New Year Hilary and I Ching community. Thanks so much for providing this service - it is an awesome way to learn about the I Ching.

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