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    Wondering if I can get some input with a question I asked regarding my taiji practice.

    I've been having problems w/ my knees lately, which isn't uncommon w/ Chen style. But, I've hit a crossroads where I know I have to do something different if I want to continue to practice and not cause further injury.

    I've been told before that i have been going too low with my stance and I hadn't really taken that to heart for some reason or another. I wish I would have paid more attention to this and raised my stance as my knees do feel better when I do. however, there are many, many requirments for parts of the body such that I overlooked stance heigth as being a source of my pain and instead attributed the knee pain to other aspects of my structure. I've been going through a process of narrowing down the shortcomings in my structure. Taiji is very filling nourishment for me which is why I want to do it correct for a long time to come. I'd like to gain some insight during this time of reassesment and I have been asking questions of Yi about other parts of my structure and how they are related to pain.

    So, I asked "What is your input in regards to the heigth of my stance being the source of my knee pain and instability?"


    64.1 makes sense as I have been told to not go so low before. But is it the main source?

    I haven't had any experience with hex 38 and I don't clearly see how it applies in this situation.

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    So, I asked "What is your input in regards to the heigth of my stance being the source of my knee pain and instability?"

    64.1 - Hold back. What ever you are thinking, you don't need to push yourself so hard
    Hex 38 - Wilhelm
    In such circumstances one should above all not proceed brusquely, for that
    would only increase the existing opposition; instead, one should limit oneself
    to producing gradual effects in small matters. Here success can still be
    expected, because the situation is such that the opposition does not preclude
    all agreement.
    This is kinda saying that you are missing the point as to the real reason for the knee trouble.

    Be Well


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    Hang on we're back to the 64.1 debate again. See this thread http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/frien...ead.php?t=9109 where Lise says it means 'don't hesitate'.

    Most commentaries talk about holding back...except Lise. As its the tail that gets wet i 'm thinking the fox doesn't quite land on the other side, he didn't have enough momentum...but i am confused with this...I'm not sure about holding back being the way to go now, as its not what Lise says, shes saying 'don't let doubts hold you back'

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    Hi Trojan
    When I used the term "Hold back" it's about holding back the thoughts that cliftonj is having. If he holds back his current train of thinking it will allow a new train to come forward without hestitation.

    Much of the nourishment in Tai chi stems from the intent of the movement and not necessarily the height of the stance. A strong intent with no doubts moves the obstructions.
    There is a split decision I know, but many people believe that the size of the stance doesn't matter.



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