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Thread: H.30 watching your step

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    Default H.30 watching your step

    A very cold christmas here. Minus 8 below. On my way over to IT room in community buildings the ice was very bad.
    It reminded me of a recent cast 30.1- 56. tread, polish, respect.
    A little trip over ice, or dont trip & fall on the ice ? A neighbour popped in & volunteered he had a bit of a fall on the ice. I've noticed this icy connection before.

    Most recent cast 30.3.4.- 27
    Pre christmas shopping & the weather exceptionally cold.
    Picked up a bad cold & sore throat , so I was careful eats & drinks. But not careful enough. Became quite ill , but much better next day. Also got this before for a late night, sudden, vicious but transient illness.
    At least I hope thats all it is.

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    Default 30.1 sanding

    In regard to 30.1, when I cast that i was was sanding down a new set of yarrow sticks or rather chopsticks.
    They came in pairs & had to be split , so they needed sanding.
    Perhaps you need Karcher & Ritsema's transliteration to see the polishing & filing nuance.
    Actually its a very superior translation.

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    Sounds like you and Yi are quite intimately connected, Peter. That's nice. I love the way you connected 30.1-56 to a possible slip on the ice!

    I hope the illness was as transitory as it seemed. 8 below is treacherous environment. stay warm!


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