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Thread: I got one for ya -- 14 then almost robbed at gunpoint

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    Default I got one for ya -- 14 then almost robbed at gunpoint


    I've been hanging around a while but never posted. I have fondness for quite a few folks on here but you don't even know me!

    So I asked what should be my focus for today?

    14 unchanging.

    cool! Then 7 hours later someone tried to rob me at gunpoint. As soon as the words were coming out of my mouth (after he asked me the time), I knew what was up. As soon as he presented the gun from his waist I turned and ran because I know the neighbourhood, there are robberies all the time but never shootings and where I live the criminals aren't that tough -- I knew he wasn't going to shoot me.

    WHat do you all make of 14?

    Then when I got home I asked 'Was it okay that I ran?" (thinking that maybe it was stupid) I received: 64.4>4


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    This is quite fun,

    This hex is made up of strength and clarity, and as a result one achieves success and wealth. This hex suggests that you will be very lucky "today", and you were because you thought clearly and used your inner strength to just run and in so doing you keep your money and other stuff.

    So, with this hex in your pocket the day will turn out good for you and it did, you even manged to get a bit of exercise at the same time.

    Line 64.4 Yes, it was good to run because in doing so you lost nothing except a few pounds in weight. The line is about struggle, like in being "held-up" and indicates don't stand there, kick the guy and/or run. Sometimes it is wise to think fast and react quickly.

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    WF you're hilarious! I sometimes think of 14 as 'other worldly help and protection' so I guess it fits. Additionally I had more equipment on me than usual for my job as I had just completed a job that I was very happy with and would have lost my work had he been successful.

    I did lose the vegetables I had just bought as I ran but half of them were still there when I returned to walk back home (this time with the vegetable seller in tow).

    'The devil's country' is interesting because I live in a foreign country full of devils and that is quite an appropriate term for the place. I thought the 4 indicated that maybe it was dumb though!

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    I thought the 4 indicated that maybe it was dumb though!
    In my opinion it indicates that he will remain dumb.

    You put up a good fight, saved yourself, but the person in question will continue as he was.
    64, a fox needs to be careful, then suddenly confronted with that, the 'fox' did the best in
    putting up the strong fight (fight or flight!), but the said person/attacker won't be any wiser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamanda View Post
    a fox needs to be careful,
    Especially on this forum!

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    hi lucid_dreamer,
    14 when unchanging have it's own meaning... that's is a little bit different when changing.

    "mental clarity and strong character will jointly give you the integrity that you need to achieve your goal"
    this simply mean that you will do the right thing... whit out to appear dogmatic and/or arrogant.

    This hexagram.. "unchanging"... has nothing to do with luck but with the sovereign self-control of themselves


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