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    Just to keep you updated. We have decided to spilt up! he wanted it that way. Thanks for all your help! and god bless.

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    Hi Shellae-
    So I hope it's on to better things for you, and a more fulfilling relationship next time.
    It was really sounding like, no matter what he did have to offer, you were just getting stuck in something that was only half of what you deserve and promising nothing more. At least you got the daylight that the Yi promised with Gua 35.
    Quick recovery, and good luck with the next chapter (send us a rough draft, would ya?).

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    Sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend.

    Look after yourself and allow yourself the time and space to heal. It takes as long as it takes.

    I really hope that you can find someone who is in touch with their feelings and emotionally open to you.

    You deserve it.

    Best wishes,


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    Dear Sheilae,

    Sorry to hear about your splitting up.
    There was nothing that you could have done.

    Hex 36.1 says that despite doing your best you are misunderstood by others. This is the down side of the 'darkening of the light' as described in your reading.

    As to Hex 8.5, you cannot make people understand what they are not prepared to. You cannot persuade people to stay if they want to depart.
    All you can do is to let them free to go.

    All the best for you,

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    Hi Mander

    did u have any luck on this, I am new here and been browsing through the posts, how did u decide what was right, I am at a crossroads also


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    keeping_still Guest


    Hi friends.
    I am new here today, but have had a healthy relationship with the I Ching for many years now.
    I am an Australian, but live by the Chinese Calender and am a Fung Shui practitioner.
    I love my I Ching and consult it for direction on a regular basis.
    Yesterday I consulted it to ask 'How shall I return to my "true" spiritual self', it gave me Hexagram 4 with lines 3 and 5 changing to 57.
    Today in continuation I got hexagram 39 line 3 changing to hexagram 8. I understand it's directions to me, but was interested to discover that yesterdays Hexagram was Mountain over Water , today was Water over Mountain.
    Would anyone like to comment why it has turned the other way in its elements in just one day? I found this of great interest, but have got my answer to my Questions, maybe you can tell me more?
    Thank You.
    Keeping Still.

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    Hi there,

    I work with such a beautiful guy. He's young, he's pretty and he's the kindest person I've ever met. It took me quite a while to believe he was for real. I'm working away from home, and it would have been ten times more difficult for me if he hadn't have been around. He's in a steady relationship as am I (although mine is back home 200miles away). The guy is 16 years younger than me.

    There's just about no reason to start thinking about having a relationship with this angel but I asked the i ching anyway because there is such chemistry between us and I feel so comfortable and relaxed around him.

    The i ching said:
    56 - the wanderer - which I certainly am at the moment!

    with changing lines: -2- A loyal servant during my journey - which he certainly is
    and also -6- Don't burn your nest or lose your docility - basically I read this as 'don't screw it up' and don't burn my bridges with my guy back home.

    Okay I understood all this but the resulting hexagram was a little more confusing ...

    32- Duration - Not quite sure whether this means that if I don't screw up, we'll have a long-lasting partnership?

    Just don't quite get that. I shouldn't even be asking the i ching about this, I know!

    Any thoughts? Even to tell me to get a grip of myself? : )

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