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Thread: Help with my pizza delivery

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    Karma exists in the mind of only those who believe it.

    Dobro makes a good point, intuitive decision making tackling the surrender of intuitive decision making.

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    Hawaii - "Dobro ur an idiot. If you insult the oracle w/bs like that, you tend to create bad karma for urself (I sincerely hope not)"

    Hawaii, thanks for pointing that out. It's really important to know how to use the oracle with intelligence and appropriacy; it's equally important not to engage in 'oracle abuse'. I mean, aside from the karmic issues involved, the oracle will simply stop working for you. At least, that's my understanding. Thanks again.
    Blessings on your harey lotus feet

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    bruce Guest


    Ah, so Val was right and I was naive. Normally I really dislike the "passive agressive" term, but if the shoe fits, et al. Shame on me.

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    Dear Dobro...

    <blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

    the oracle will simply stop working for you.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> That may be true for you. It&#39;s not true for everyone. I know because it&#39;s not true for me.

    If they don&#39;t tell me what I want to know, if they tell me what I need to know instead, if they don&#39;t perform within the parameters YiJing &#39;aficionados&#39; have set for them, the oracle always works for me.

    When the oracle seems not to be working for me, it&#39;s simply because I&#39;m not listening.



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    micheline Guest


    In my experience, the oracle is kind, compassionate, and patient. truthful always.

    YET, i will say if I question TOO much, the answers can get muddy and maybe even nonsensical, not too meaningful for me.

    Someone here once said the Yi &#34;went silent&#34; for them for a period of time. I can understand that. I think it could happen in extraordinary circumstances...a lesson to be learned? Maybe only the &#34;oldest&#34; souls would experience that on rare occasions?

    but if Dobro is saying that there are some questions not worthy of the Yi&#39;s time or response, I would say I disagree also. If I REALLY asked about a delinquent pizza delivery, 12 would tell me the guy was in traffic or something similar. It would not be giving me 12 as a way to say &#34;I won&#39;t answer that question&#34; because no question is too silly if you really really want to know.

    also, if people are new to the I Ching &#40;or even not so new&#41; and they ask here for help with an intepretation, that can be a good thing. Because they get the voice of all the many &#34;seasoned&#34; diviners who speak from a familiarity with many texts and personal experiences.

    That said, There is nothing that can beat the process of developing one&#39;s own relationship with divination...collecting texts, asking and intuiting, getting a personal feel for hexagrams and how they speak to your heart. Somebody else&#39;s read can be a jumpstart, but it cannot replace the kind of KNOWING you start to experience when the Yi becomes your own personal friend and guide.

    This board has added deeper flavor and more amazing color to my interpretations, but my most poignant readings are a matter between me and my all lines up - mind, body, emotion/ spirit - like the windows on a slot machine. JACKPOT. It&#39;s a treasure.

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    micheline Guest


    Oh, when questioning too much, I have also gotten on numerous occasions: 21.6
    which to me usually means YOU ARE NOT LISTENING, DINGBAT!

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    the oracle cant break, all the moving parts are in your own brain.

    one purpose of the oracle is to strip away personal peconceptions of meanings. we may indeed build layers of interpertation to protect our egos from the truth. its my faith that the oracle properly studied will break these down too eventually. when dealing with other interperters you can run up against their temporary prejudices, but all and all multiple interpertations can open new avenues
    all the lines have internal and external links simultaeously. the process of sorting these connections out, really leads to insight

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    Dear Dobro: what happened to your pizza?

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    It got used as an example of how not to deliver pizza.
    Blessings on your harey lotus feet

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    why do you think that the Yi gets annoyed or refuses to reply if you ask &#39;frivolous&#39; questions?

    I ask a lot of questions, many of them not very important and I always, or almost always, get meaningful responses..

    In fact, I just asked.. should I post that question? and guess what I got: 35.4-&#62;23
    I don&#39;t care what it means, I think it&#39;s very funny..

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