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Change Circle Gathering, 22nd March

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Join us: make the phone happy.

I thought I’d make a quick post about this to be sure no-one who’s interested misses out. Change Circle are resuming regular monthly calls, on the 4th Saturday of each month.

We’ll talk about a variety of Yi-related things: anyone can bring a reading for discussion, or we may settle in as a ‘study group’ and focus on how to engage with different aspects of readings – trigrams, nuclears, line relationships and so on.

If you’re a member of Change Circle, do visit the thread for the first call and post your reading or question or both.

If you’re not, you are absolutely welcome to join. There’s the private Reading Circle forum (guaranteed unGoogled), access to the excellent WikiWing, and calls (the first of which would actually fall within your free trial period, come to think of it), and that warm glow of satisfaction that comes from helping to pay Clarity’s bills. (Or so I’m told.)

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