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Yijing Menagerie Quiz

Yijing Menagerie Quiz

Just for fun…

Welcome to the Yijing Menagerie quiz! There are three rounds: the famous animals, the not-so-famous, and the hidden menagerie that some might argue aren't really there at all. Can you identify them all - and can you do it without looking anything up? Click 'Next' to get started.

  • Please type all your answers as x.y (e.g. 2.2 for Hexagram 2, line 2, or 3.0 for the Judgement/Oracle of Hexagram 3) so the quiz can recognise when you get it right! Don't forget the '.0' for the Judgements.
  • If you can think of more than one answer, just enter one of them, or the poor quiz will get confused.

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