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Happy Birthday, Clarity

Happy Birthday, Clarity

On 26th April, 2000, I registered the domain name onlineClarity.co.uk. (Back then, adding ‘online’ to your business name showed you were really up-to-the-minute with the interwebs. Or something.) So I think that makes today Clarity’s 21st birthday.

I want to celebrate by doing more of what Clarity’s been doing for the past 21 years: opening doors and making the Yi more accessible. Here’s how…

For all members: a ‘key to the door’ and a free workshop

Starting today, all Clarity members have a week’s free access to the Change Circle Library and WikiWing – so Change Circle membership, in effect, minus its forums (because those are private for members) and I Ching chats (because logistics). You have the key to this particular door until May 3rd: look in the top right-hand corner of each page for a ‘Change Circle’ link to the library, and you’ll find WikiWing in the Community menu.

I’ll run a Connecting to Yijing Imagery workshop on May 1st – please do sign up for that if you’d like to come:

If you’re already a Clarity member, please log in before you sign up –

This is one I’ve run a couple of times before, now with new examples – and new readings from participants, of course.

(If we hadn’t just had the year we’ve just had, I might’ve gone for a ‘Zoom party’ with less ‘meat’ to it, but… well… I think the novelty of socialising via Zoom wore off about 11 months ago, didn’t it? So this will be full of good, rich, nourishing Yijing things that are worth your time. Party hats optional.)

For Change Circle members

There’s a whole lot more to explore by way of Yijing Imagery than can be covered in 90 minutes or so of workshop, so I’ll follow that with a mini-class on imagery for Change Circle, in early May. It’ll be a chance to dive in deeper to all Yi’s ways of showing us pictures, and practise and experiment with different ways of responding. No need to sign up anywhere for that – if you’re a Change Circle member, I’ll email you nearer the time.

Also, we can try out a new ‘synchronistic conversations’ feature in Change Circle – more on that next month, too.

A request

Most people haven’t heard of the Yi, or don’t know what it can do. There are a whole lot of people out there whose lives could be better – clearer, more aligned, calmer – if they got to know the oracle. You probably know some of them. So… please help by making some introductions!

One simple way to do that is via the ‘share’ buttons I’ve recently added to the bottom of most pages at Clarity. If you’re not sure what to share, the free beginner’s course might be good.

Thank you, and happy 21st 🙂 .

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14 responses to Happy Birthday, Clarity

  1. Happy Birthday Clarity, Happy Birthday Hilary! It must have been an auspicious day the one you selected back in 2000, because despite clouded skies and rainy days (and nights), “Clarity” in our minds and hearts gains ground steadily as our vision gets brighter. We are all so grateful!

  2. Congratulations, Hilary!! A job well done and proud to have been there, pretty much, at the beginning. For many more years!

  3. Great Job Hilary. You really have got the key to the door now. It has been wonderful seeing the face of Clarity morph and become what it is today. Keep on trucking.

  4. Congratulations! A good place to be, insights about everything to share … so interesting and a great help and comfort. Happy birthday and all the best for the time to come!

    • Thanks! And if you need help changing any details on your account at Clarity, let me know. I’ll just delete the email address from your comment, hopefully before it gets harvested by spambots.

  5. Happy Birthday Hilary and Clarity! You’ve helped so many and done SO much (me included). All the Best to you and the wonderful supporters who help thousands on a regular basis! Carry on! Blessings to you!

  6. I’m so happy to have found this place, and to have the joy of plunging through classes and forums (forae?) and learning from such people. It really has made my life much richer. Blessings to you, indeed, on your birthday!

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