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Theme and variations

From its first appearance in the first words of the Yi, the creative flow through the four characters yuan heng li zhen is tangible. Its power is felt in the other five hexagrams with the whole, uninterrupted formula. But the natural cohesion of the four-word formula can also be felt in the hexagrams where it… Continue Reading

Gifts, wealth, and hexagram 14

As I’ve mentioned before, I first got to know Hexagram 14, Great Possession, through volunteering. When I was just getting started with Yi, I asked about volunteering in general and about various individual opportunities, and received 14 again and again in the answers. What I came to love about volunteering was how great things arose… Continue Reading

Great Possession as Offering

Just one more of those moving-line-related connections that makes it look for all the world as if the people who wrote this oracle knew what they were doing – Start with Hexagram 14, Great Possession – ‘Activate’ its third and fourth lines – change them by opening them out from yang into yin, solid into… Continue Reading

Introducing Ravi Walsh

…at the last possible moment! I was very, very lucky that Ravi Walsh agreed to step in at the last minute after one of the Festival of Change speakers had to drop out. He’s a spiritual life coach who works with a method of his own creation – or maybe it would be better to… Continue Reading

Pounding the drum

Hexagram 14, Great Possession, says at line 4, 匪其彭。无咎。 – Not your (or its) peng, no mistake. Peng means power and dominance – Wu Jing Nuan translates with his usual succinctness, ‘Not his to be strong’  – and the old character shows a drum with three strokes next to it, perhaps representing the sound of the… Continue Reading

Hexagram 14, line 6

Hexagram 14, line 6 was part of my reading for the week. It hasn’t been a great week, and I’ve been using my reading not only for its advice, but also as a reminder, a kind of talisman. Waiting for the pharmacist to make up my Mum’s prescription, I went outside and found a good… Continue Reading

Another thought on Hexagram 14

The name of Hexagram 14 is Great Possession, and the character for ‘possessing’ also means ‘offering’ – suggesting that the two ideas are not so far apart as they might seem.

Interpreting this one, I’m often reminded of Molière’s play, The Miser. (Or was this in Plautus’s original, The Pot of Gold?) The miser has kept a pot of gold buried in his garden for years, sneaking off to gloat over it when no-one’s looking. Of course one day someone is looking, and the hoard is stolen, and he bewails his fate. Some witty character offers the consolation that he still has a dank hole in the ground to gaze down, so what has he really lost? Continue Reading

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