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  1. R

    I Ching: Great Treatise:An Astrological Perspective

    I Ching: The Great Treatise: An Astrological Perspective RA Publications, August 26, 2011 Author: Robin Armstrong In the early days of Fu Hsi (3,300 BC), the planets, Sun and Moon were the heavenly Moving Lights that went through changes to which worldly events corresponded. It was not until...
  2. erime

    I think i've discovered the origin of the King Wen Sequence

    I have noted 9 'mysteries' in the following steps - actions which seem they have no particular reason, but which may have an explanation in the future (there are probably more than 9 in fact). All mysteries aside though, you will see that the following steps to reach both the Early Heaven and...
  3. rosada

    Sequence of the Hexagrams

    In my recent efforts to memorize the IMAGES as translated by Wilhelm I have been becoming more aware of the sequence and the story it appears to tell. However, I understand the standard sequence we all use is not the only one considered valid. Can anyone give me a little background on why we use...
  4. M

    Former Heaven and Later Heaven Origin

    I have been trying to understand the origin, nature, and ordering of the eight trigrams, in particular as they appear in the Former and Later Heaven sequences. I always seem to have the most trouble with the simplest things. I have many books and resources that comment as to the nature of the...

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