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23.1 to 27 "What do i need to know about this situation with this guy?"


Aug 8, 2011
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hi there ;)) I described my situation in another post...Now I'm trying to understand how to face my situation with a guy I met a few months ago. We liked each other, but when I said him i liked him, he said he wanted just a friendship. But after that we started to keep the distance and the frienship finished..

He came back to his country and I didn't go to his leaving party. Now he's back in town for a few weeks and soon or later I'll meet him (he knows I know he's back, but he didn't tell me anything).. I asked
Does he miss (thinks about) me? 16.4.5 -- 8
Will he contact me to start a relationship? 47

"what is gonna happen between us during these weeks?" and i got 45.1 to 17
61.3.4 -- 1 (Why he's staying far from me?)
32.2.5 -- 50 (should I still wish to have a relationship with him?)

I know they are not appropiate questiones, but despite what I see in facts (considering his silent), they told me that he got feelings for me (but maybe are not positive; or if positive not that strong)..
Then somebody (Steve) suggested to ask

"what do I need to know about this situation with this guy?"
To understand how to face the situation...

and I got 23.1 to 27

I guess it's confirming that is a tough moment and that the situation is objectively complicated...
I confirm that there are a lot of people around us that are not helping the situation at all....
and he's also sourrounded by people that push him, stressing him (for many different reasons)..
Maybe he's dating someone else?Possible..and maybe that person is not that good for him, but maybe she got a big influence on him..

and 23.1 maybe says that i can not do anything, just "wait"(but should I wait for him? Is that good for me?)...

but then I don't understand why I've got 27...

Hex 27 talks about communication and dialogue...It's a bit a contraddiction:waiting or talking before it's too late?...

Or maybe 27 talks about to wait for better times and in the meanwhile, look after myself??

anyway, what do you think?

it seems that I will be alone for long..and I'm a bit sad for that..
I'm so tired (I'm already doing so many things to face my problems), I'm helping so many people as well...I hoped to finally have a normal time in my life (after really bad things happened during these years)..
but it's seems so complicated...and I still don't understand if I wait for this guy, we will start "something", and if "this something" it's a good thing for me...

any advice is welcome ;))
and anyway, thanks a lot for the kind attention ;))


Aug 8, 2011
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a mistake about a previous reading...33.2.5

ops....regarding the questione "should I still wish/invest energies to have a relationship with him?
I've got 33.2.5 to 50...and not 32 (unfortunately)..


Jun 8, 2011
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23 line 1 indicates this situation has ended prematurely

i expect by showing your hand you have scared off the fish

time to accept that and act accordingly - be as normal as possible
so as not to be perceived as obsessed

27 is providing support - either getting it for yourself or even
offering it in terms of friendship without designs to this man/boy


Hi petra, i'm really sorry to say, from all your answers the conclusion
i see is that this is a no-go, it's not going anywhere whatsoever. But,
on the other hand, if you decide to let go of this no good situation,
there's lovely new things awaiting for you (50). Life is too short
to waste on iffy people!


Aug 8, 2011
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thanks a lot to everybody...
I saw him a few days ago, and we are starting to be just friends..and fortunatelly, I am not pretending that..I do not regret what I felt before..simply it's time to turn this page of my life..
thanks a lot for your wise help ;))
@ Diamada, u are absolutelly right...but you know, often girls take a lot of time to translate what they know they should do, to what they do ;))

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