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29 and 14




hex 29 and 14 correspond in teaching or guiding??

Hex 29 a sense of danger (sterness??) with rote-learning??? Like training a puppy, sticking its nose in it until it learns????

What is danger???

What about heart in 29??

Hex 14 not controlling as in hex 29, but having guidance, or mutually guiding????

Would you mind commenting on hex 29 and 14 individually and in correlation??

BTW, your responses have been awesome and I've enjoyed the perspective you offer. I'm learning so much.



Oct 2, 1971
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Well whatever form the energy is manifesting as, I'm getting decent reception : )

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Nov 19, 1971
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Hi Deb,

you wrote:
> Chris,
> hex 29 and 14 correspond in teaching or guiding??
> Hex 29 a sense of danger (sterness??) with rote-learning???
> Like training a puppy, sticking its nose in it until it
> learns????

the sameness between fire and water is their focus on a boundary (at the species-nature level both trigrams relate to a focus on PARTS, as in A from B, a definite CUT). The differences are in what that boundary does. In water it serves to protect what is within the boundary and reflects in (a) a bottom trigram form as the concept of containment, and in (b) a top trigram form of containment doubled and so reflecting control.

In fire the focus is more on a bottom trigram form of guidance that is 'doubled' into a top trigram form of direction-setting, and ideology etc, such that the border advances (and so the fire metaphor where a fire will advance outwards, converting everything of 'difference' to the 'sameness' within the boundary as in what is known, named, mapped - from a persona perspective gets into issues of organisers, theoreticians, commanders)

In the realm of human emotions water is more representative of issues of rejection, disgust etc and what is inside the boundary is 'us' and outside 'them' and there is an overall moral emphasis with education etc serving as a tool of control through socialisation (see hexagram 04, and its exaggeration - hexagram 47). 47 is a good example of the focus on enclosure to ensure that what is enclosed (in the pictogram of the name we see an enclosure of a tree) is forced to integrate with the context for 'nutrition' etc.

A fenced-in tree will send its roots deep into the context and so ties itself to that context, hard to move/remove - the POSITIVE aspect is in the conformity, the NEGATIVE aspect is that it reduces freedom, reduces chances of change other than in conforming with the context as it changes. In a context of a book of changes, there is a negative tone to water in general - the rote learning etc means all is reduced to the lowest common denominator (and so the association to water seeking out the lowest areas) to ensure all are educated to the same level.

All of the hexagrams of the water octet reflect this issue of containment/control:

07 - uniforming (army)
04 - masking (youthful folly)
29 - controlling (abysmal)
59 - dispelling illusions (dispersion)
40 - relaxed structuring (deliverance)
64 - mis-sequencing, remain open (before completion)
47 - enforced waiting (exhaustion)
06 - compromising (conflict)

working WITHIN this octet, treating the octet as if a whole that is a 'fractal' of the whole binary sequence we can map 'opposites' into pairs reflecting integrating vs differentiating, aka balanced vs exaggerated perspectives thus:

07 (integrating, dampened form) vs 06 (differentiating, exaggerated form)
04 (integrating) vs 47 (differentiating)
29 (integrating) vs 64 (differentiating)
59 (integrating) vs 40 (differentiating)

We can zoom-in on this to focus on the immediate pairs:

07 (integrate) vs 04 (differentiate)
29 vs 59
40 vs 64
47 vs 06

We can zoom-out a touch to look at the quartet levels:

07,04,29,59 VS 40,64,47,06

all depends on how far down the rabbit hole you wish to go! ;-) Due to the method of derivation of the hexagrams, the use of recursion, so all is linked together and there are a LOT of relationships.

> What is danger???

depends on context but overall any form of threat to one's identity, where that 'one' is an individual or collective (and so there is a dynamic between collective/individual on these issues - gets into anti-social behavour, prisons, freedom of speech issues etc)

> What about heart in 29??

social. the overall focus is on protection, conservation etc but of the group more so than individual. There is an aire of '
tough love' at work and so conditional love etc in that there is a sense of suspicion in being betrayed and so a lack of trust in others (and so the boundary ;-)). To deal with this lack of trust, with experiencing of betrayals etc, socialisation is in demand such that education is purely for socialisation and no more. Going BEYOND that level of education is something personal, selective, and can even be considered by the collective as potentially 'dangerous' if not monitored, contained, controlled ;-)

> Hex 14 not controlling as in hex 29, but having guidance, or
> mutually guiding????

The octet of hexagrams with fire as base reflect a focus on guidence in development and into the development of a direction, an ideology etc and so the overall focus on issues of expanding the boundary, the 'light' (and so includes the need to be uncompromising about that light, even in times of threat - see hexagram 36) - in emotions fire maps to issues of acceptance etc.

Hexagram 14 reflects this focus on setting a direction but in a context of perseverence (heaven in its bottom trigram form) and the benefits that come with that activity - 'posessions in great measure'.

The full set of the *fire* octet with its guidence/direction-setting context is:

36 - uncompromising
22 - facading
63 - completing ('correct sequence')
37 - rigid structuring
55 - abounding (diversity)
30 - guiding/direction-setting
49 - unmasking
13 - associating

Using the same form of analysis as we did above so the general pairs of 'opposites' are:

36 (integrating) vs 13 (differentiating)
22 vs 49
63 vs 30
37 vs 55

Zoom-in to the immediate pairs and we have:

36 vs 22
63 vs 37
55 vs 30
49 vs 13

Hexagram 14 is part of the heaven octet where the sense of direction-setting of fire operates WITHIN the context of perseverence/singlemindedness to elicit a sense of positive focus expanding outwards with 'purpose', someone/something is the 'core' that is PROACTIVELY asserting direction. (the opposite of 14 is 08 where the 'someone/something' is REACTIVE, passive and attracts, pulls in rather than push out)

The general roots of 14 are: "The generic properties of hexagram 14 reflect the mixing of the generic properties of hexagram 34 with the generic properties of hexagram 32.
Here the mixing of commitment (32) with a sense of invigorating (34) is reflected in the properties of hexagram 14."

Focus on the content of the heaven octet and 14 reflects an exaggeration of properties of hexagram 05, the waiting becomes 'doing' something, one's opportunity seems to have come ;-)

The full octet of heaven is:

11 - harmonising (integrate)
26 - holding firm
05 - calculated waiting
09 - small gaining
34 - invigorating
14 - (focused) direction-setting
43 - spreading the word
01 - persevering/singlmindedness

general 'opposites' of dampen-balance vs exaggerate across the octet are:

11 (integrate, balanced form) vs 01 (differentiate, exaggerated form)
26 vs 43
05 vs 14
09 vs 34

You can then zoom-in onto the immediate pairs:

11 (integrate) vs 26 (differentiate)
05 vs 09
34 vs 14
43 vs 01

have fun! ;-)



Nov 19, 1971
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BTW Deb,

in five-phase the realm of the water trigram maps to the phase of issues of consumption - what goes into your mouth and is then processed.

In the fire trigram it is associated with the phase of issues of distribution - and so the GENERAL outpouring of an ideology etc etc

The common ground is distribution 'within' (water) and 'without' (fire) and so the boundary focus.

For five-phase analysis of the IC see http://pages.prodigy.net/lofting/icfive0.html


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