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30.4 - 22


May 21, 2013
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Why is this happening? Is this personal? I being pushed out?
(I don't want to give too much info, but let's just say a secure situation has been suddenly overturned)
30.4-22. Sudden it comes, burns, dies, thrown out. (This is what has happened to me but I don't see a why here)

Where is this leading me? What next? 3.6-42 Now driving a team of horses, now tears of blood flow.

This doesn't make sense I'm very measured, philosophical...are there hard times ahead?

What do I need to learn from this experience? 39.5-15. That people will help me out?

Ultimately on a life purpose level what is this situation giving me?
21.4.6-24 just seems to comment on the current mundane situation..

Again & again in life I have no security, but so far that has always worked out for the best. My hope is that this change is just what is needed to release new energy & once I've completed the as usual very scary transition, things will be better than ever. I'm just not seeing that right now esp in 3.6...

So I'll ask more long term. How will I be in 4 months regarding this?
That's seems good.

And sorry for one more cast but this is quite a BIG DEAL.. Dear Yi, please comment on my behaviour, have I been foolish or at fault in any way?
Well 51 is certainly the situation I'm in, I have had a great set-up but I haven't for one second not counted my blessings.. So I don't understand.

Can I just add to this - the big significance of this occurrence is a repeating pattern in my life - I am in situation XYZ surrounded by people who moan and complain - but are great at putting up a front. I on the other hand tend to be realistic, non complaining but don't do any of the charm offensive stuff.. and often I'm the one jettisoned.. Perhaps this is for the best, that's what I'm looking for through these castings, some consolation.
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Oct 20, 2009
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30,4 - 22
This sometimes represents a drastic upheaval in a relationship, or possibly over-reacting to an upsetting event.
3,6 - 42 Again this is probably referring to your being disturbed by this situation, when horse and wagon part it often means that our inner composure, our inner peace has been harshly disturbed. I think this is commenting on your present, rather than a future, condition.
39,5 - 15 In an overall condition of confusion/obstruction. This line is advising you that the correct observations and perceptions will occur and enable you to understand the situation. These thoughts are your "friends".

21,4,6 - 24 This is a difficult answer. 4th yang and 6th yang are both in the trigram of light and within the hexagram as a whole point to the process of "cutting through" to obtain an understanding of the principles involved, so your search for the "big lesson" is fully supported by the I Ching. The problem is that both lines represent principles that are not easy to grasp - 4th yang represents dried meat on the bone, meat that is often without flavour - i.e. meat that is hard to identify - and clings tightly to the bone, hence you must bite strongly and deeply if you are to grasp its meaning. 6th yang indicates that the ears are blocked, that is, you might not be able to accept the lessons even if they are laid out before you.

44,2,5,6 - 62 This reading is urging you to not look at this situation too negatively, the fish in 2nd yang is a negative influence/view that you should try not to accept or allow to reach your "guests" - thoughts that you accept. 5th yang is very encouraging, it is assuring you that the situation will eventually unfold and resolve favourably if you can hold your will, but top yang is waning you not to harshly challenge anyone in this situation who might have hurt you.

Hope this helps....Peter

Tim K

Nov 29, 2013
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Why is this happening? 30.4 (Fire clinging to the wood) → 22 Grace
You are clinging too much to this situation/stability (you are talking about a job I guess).
Or trying to obtain stability too fast that you choose the first thing that comes.
Or your interaction with people lacks some manners. Do you speak openly about what's on your mind?
Judging people too quickly? Give advice when no one have asked?
Have more grace, more patience :)

What next? 3.6 → 42
Move on to the next occurrence of the same situation, get your horses ready and drive the cart away. And next time try to change your approach.

What do I need to learn from this experience? 39.5-15
I agree with peter here, lower your expectations and let your inner feelings guide you, less logic more heart.
Don't try to force some things that cannot be moved (i'm thinking trying to find stability too soon or trying to change the people's behaviour).

Ultimately on a life purpose level what is this situation giving me?
21.4 → 27.6 → 24
Yet another chance to learn an old lesson(.4), to recognize that the problem comes from inner-self (27.6 source of nourishment/reality). But you are making it tough by not listening (21.6).
Learn it and move to the next level, the new energy will come.

How will I be in 4 months regarding this? → 62
44 - 62.png
You will move on, h33 retreat, and hopefully learn the lesson of 56.6 - losing docility, burning your nest is not good.

Have I been foolish or at fault in any way? → 51
63 - 51.png
Yes of course :)

63.3 If we have outer activity increasing directly after completion it shows that we have not yet changed our external mode of being; transition does not occur through making changes out there in the world, it is by change in the way we ourselves are.
Repeating the pattern without trying to change and hoping for different result == insanity :)

Crowley: 3.4 Retreating, seek thy mate; with him, aim high.
Let go of your old methods.

17.5 'Accept guidance', follow your feelings more, meditate, observe your reactions and then 51 Cleansing rain will come, surprise, a change of rigid structure.

It's very good that you have awareness that this problem repeats itself. All you have to do now is take a new approach to it.
It maybe a lesson for you that you don't have to have stability, to learn to trust the universe that it will provide everything you need.


May 21, 2013
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Thank you both for your thoughtful responses.
Hi Asteroid, emm I try never to speak openly, only in carefully chosen company.. I'm very careful indeed, in this situation it was the other people who were reckless, verbally. (It's a living situation..) I'm perhaps more fearful.. which is not good either.

reading more about 30.4 I think it may refer to the owner who is having an affair in our midst and under his wife's nose, its upsetting all of us to be near his dishonest & self-indulgent life-style..

I'm not sure what the lesson is of this situation, that I need to learn to lie in order to look after my own interests..? (If this situation is indeed personal) However I strongly believe that sticking to your principles brings you to a better place for your soul, even if it involves painful episodes.. And being clever at the game, keeps people a part of the game. Well that's a subject for discussion.

or is it simply Listen to my intuition more, be more active on that..21.4.6

Am I at fault? 51
Dreamhawk - .3 (Don't challenge this not worth it) .4 'amidst apparent beauty shoddiness appears' - that directly describes our once beautiful living space.. .5 'sincerity is everything'.. DeKorne 'complexity fails, simplicity succeeds' this would fit in with my feelings above and my general approach to everything.

Definitely agree with following feelings, meditation..
I feel somehow there is always a larger issue, in life in general, of settling for less.. becoming passive and compromising for security, I'm not sure why but I feel this is a part of all this..
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