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Dec 17, 2011
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I haven't posted here for a long time but I have been following some threads with interest. I've been developing my understanding of Yi but still get stumped quite often.

I have a trivial issue about a product I'm considering trying... well it may not be so trivial if it doesn't work and reviews seem very mixed.

Back story... I've been dying my hair a deep red colour for a number of years and would like to revert to my natural (mousey brown) colour. I have found a product that will remove hair dye but not strip natural pigment and I am tempted to try. Normally this would be a superficial issue, but if it goes wrong I can't afford a salon to fix it and if I do not look properly groomed and smart for work, I will have more serious issues.

I asked the Yi what can I expect from using this product? The response is>1

What's all this about geese? I don't want to look like a goose!

There is lots of talk about gradual progress here but I'm not sure how to read it. The product works gradually over 60 minutes, is that what Yi is talking about or is that not gradual in Yi terms? The overall impression I get from the hexagrams is a positive vibe but what is Yi telling me? I'm unsure if Yi is saying just let it grow out and gradually fade (red is notorious for being difficult to eliminate) or is it saying that the gradual development of the product will give me that good vibe.

The resulting hex 1 could be talking about the idea of changing my hair about to manifest or it could be saying that the result could be erm, well...creative!

Little bit lost with these lines and would appreciate thoughts from you or indeed experiences of using colour removers on red hair! :)



Sep 13, 2014
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Hello friend:
Hex 53 means that things can be changed gradually, so I think your hair colour can be change successfully. What does goose mean? In I Ching, a word may stand for many things. In this example, the goose stands for you hair! Because in ancient China, people use the goose's feather as gift(goose's feather is similar to human's hair ^_^ ).
Hex 1 means a new beginning. So when you change your hair colour, you will have a new appearance. That's why the changing hexagram is Hex 1.

I Ching Codes Predicting the Future

Tim K

Nov 29, 2013
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What can I expect from using this product? Progress) → 1 (Creative force)

Hex 53, from Richmond's book 'Language of the lines':

In nature: The tree on the mountain grows tenaciously, refusing to be uprooted.
For humans:
Endurance gives time for achieving ends. A presence continued acquires influence.
Amongst uncertainty he remains calm and firm.

This description and resulting hex 1 (be creative, use force, manifest!) sets the tone for the whole reading: Do it, slowly and carefully.

Now the changing lines:
1. The wild goose gradually approaches the shore.
The son has difficulties.
There is criticism but no error.

The wild goose approaches land and so a place to rest; renewal, however, (the son) has diffi*culties, young or new efforts are not supported by the life force. The lack of progress towards any completion leads to criticism but it is not our fault, it is time for gradually finishing a journey, not starting a new one.

2. The wild goose gradually approaches rock.
Contented eating and drinking. Good fortune.

Rock is what underlies the surface and so is symbolic of underlying truth. The truth of our situation is that we can relax and enjoy what nourishment our circumstances provide - there is no need to continue the journey at present.

4. The wild goose approaches a tree. It may find a branch to land on. No error.
Geese do not live in trees; identity may visit identified places but they are not its home either. This visiting is not an error but neither is it a home-coming.

Line 1 says that you may be criticized a little bit for your new in-transition look, but just ignore it and stay strong, no error.
Line 2 says be content with the progress you've made with your hair. It won't return to its natural color in one go, but it will eventually.
Line 4 warns not to accept the in-transition look too much either, continue to use the product till the end, don't get stuck in the middle.

Inner hexagrams are saying just that: yet complete) → 1
Wilhelm's lines are not quite clear for me, I'll use Nigel's:
1. The little fox gets his tail wet. Disgrace.
We are in transition so it is essential to keep moving, if we stop to consider our position we get submerged in where we are and the transition ceases.

3. The movement is not complete. New directions are unfortunate. The advantage comes in crossing the great water.

5. Continuance in the way brings reward. No regret.
The attraction of the superior man has effect. Good fortune.

The transition has passed its doubting phase where we were subject to going back to the old ways. We now have confidence in the wider experience which is the reward of transition.

1 says go and don't stop in the middle, 3 says don't change direction (like reversing) just keep going, 5 is the end result, no comment :)


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May 29, 2006
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2014 thread. Never came back at all?

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