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Oct 6, 2012
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Hi there,
First I want to thank this community for being here, this is my first post but I have many times found help in my castings here. Many insights from trojan, poccosian, willowfox and. others amaze me the patience of reading every one's life and love issues.

I am starting a thread because I didnt find any thread on 54 becoming 39, if there is one, could you point it out for me?

I got it through this series of questions:

I am going through a phase of mild depression, due to family helath ad money problems and self esteem problems that made an unrequitted love a self torture chamber which I cant get out due of stubborn hope. The i ching says that it wont work out. But I know that no relationship will work out as long as I feel so replaceable and submissive. I discovered I find hard to 'be myself' and care less about what others think, because I feel very flawed. I m 28, and do quite well in life, I have friends, a nice job at my field, and know I am attractive, smart blahblah, but I cant stop feeling an ungrateful idiot for not enjoying life and bashing myself over how others ser me and how to please them.
I am haunted by not being "enough" and so I alwas try to change myself or feel otjers are better or more lovable.

Okay sorry for the awful and long confession. I asked the I ching what shoudl I be doing now to be in harmony with dao, and myself. It answered The Cauldron, transformation.

I asked how to undergo this transfromation, how to start, do it. And said, which seemed good, but end up in 29. :(?

If you can help me with the questions, that ll ne awesome. I d love to just enjoy the amazing life I know I can have if I stopped worrying!

Thanks enormously for reading aaaall this. Best to you!



Apr 10, 2011
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54 means a king who has a younger sister, and the sister is handicapped. It is no use for the king to marry his sister off by using his power. It only brings disaster. He should admit his sister's weakness and choose the right person for her.
29 indicates that in the time of abysmal, you have hope in your mind. And the mind keeps you active even though you body is locked. Also you are always decent in your behavor.


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Jul 15, 2012
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The 29 is not the outcome. It is just reflecting your current state of depression. You've fallen in a bit of a pit and I see the changing lines in the first hexagram as your advice on how to get out. It is interesting that you got 54 (Wilhelm calls this one the Marrying Maiden), as you say you often don't feel good enough. 54 according to Wilhelm is about a woman being brought into a man's home as a second wife to have his child. It's often about feeling second best or powerless in a situation and talks about making it work for you.

As I see it, the first line talks about you feeling impeded, handicapped, but you can still make progress. I think it's encouraging you to get over your feelings of inadequacy and work around them. The 4th line is about waiting for the right time to do things and not throwing yourself away to get what you want. The 5th line is about doing the best with the situation you're in. Being modest and humble, that sort of thing, even though you possess great qualities. Not sure how it relates to your situation here. If this were a relationship question and you got this line it would be telling you to let the other person lead, be supportive and not ask for credit, this way you'd get recognition.
Hope some of this at least makes sense :)

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