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64 <3> 50 motherhood



Today I'm feeling sad and anxious because I haven't got a child yet. I want so much to have my family, my children but I am really worried if it will ever happen. Time flies. I am thinking of a sperm bank to achieve pregnancy as my last resort.

My question to yi: Will I ever have my own children?
Yi answered: hexagram 64 line 3 to hexagram 50

What I understand from the line is "you can't act alone, you don't have the power to get pregnant"
'attack brings misfortune but It furthers one to cross the great water'

What does it mean attack and what about to cross the great water... What is the difference?

The resulting hexagram 50 The Cauldron is it auspicious for pregnancy? It seems so.

I have asked sth similar in the past and I remember the answer was 24 <4> 51 (perhaps 4-5 months ago or more)


I found the answer... When I received the answer 24 <4> 51 I had asked If I will get pregnant on my next relationship. (So still waiting for a relationship first)


Yes totally agree with your interpretation, you need to find a new relationship first.

24.4 > 51 - your relationship broke down, and you're still in shock (so, no pregnancy).

64.3 > 50 - you need to find a new relationship first (cross river) then you can go for pregnancy (attack).
The overall answer, and resulting 50, are very promising, if you put effort into finding a new guy.
64.3 shows someone taking 'watery steps' and wading through a large river.
There's danger (water) and the steps are slow in this manner.
Difficult, and you really need to put great effort into this - but your efforts will pay out.

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