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64 Unchanging and 18.6 > 46


Jun 28, 2011
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Hallo You wonderful ichingers :)

I asked the i ching 'what do i need to do about this situation?'
and received hexagram 64. I take this to mean that the situation has not been completed, But I was hazy on this interpretation as I had asked 'what should i do?' Should i interpret this action as inaction- to wait?

So then I thought I'd ask 'what do I need to know about that hexagram 64?'

and I received 18.6 > 46.

Nine at the top means:
He does not serve kings and princes,
Sets himself higher goals.

Not every man has an obligation to mingle n the affairs of the world. There are some who are developed to such a degree that they are justified in letting the world go its own way and in refusing to enter public life with a view to reforming it. But this does not imply a right to remain idle r to sit back and merely criticize. Such withdrawal is justified only when we strive to realize in ourselves the higher aims of mankind. For although the sage remains distant from the turmoil of daily life, he creates incomparable human values for the future.

So, would I be right in translating both readings as 1, to wait, and 2, to set a higher objective for myself and not bother with this situation?




Hi yxeli - both readings say to me 'sit with self'. Do not look at completing it just let it be as it stands now.
Line 6 in Hex 18 in your situation means to me - don't try and sort things out, again just try and come at peace inside yourself and go towards a goal that suits you, better than this situation. If it is about a relationship then turn away from this relationship and go towards something more enlightening for you and not necessarily another relationship. I think it is suggesting something that touches the true essence of yourself and your true spirit. Liss

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