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A series of questions to the Sage


Jan 6, 1970
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A series of questions to the Sage

I have not used the IC as an oracle for some time, but this new project I am doing is an experiment I want to do with the Sage. So I have been asking questions pertaining to money.

Forgive the length of this post, but I wanted to share this back and forth discourse between me and the IChing, which I prefer to think of as "the Sage"

I had asked several questions about money and the future and received hexagrams 29 and 31 and 56 several times. Finally I asked the Sage

"what is 29 all about?"
Answer was 56 lines 5 and 6 changing to 31.

This made me think that there as some kind of move or travel coming up. So I asked
"Are you saying I have a change of residence coming up?"
Answer was 37 line 1 to 53.

My son has been offered a job in Aspen Colorado and has seriously been considering it, so I first assumed that since he was moving, I would be moving too. I live with him at this time.

Then I asked "Do I need to remain stable and constant here in this town (Fairfield, Iowa) to reach my financial goals?"
Answer was 62 lines 2,4,6 changing to 18.

62 line 6 made me think that staying here was not a smart decision, since hexagram 56 kept coming up for me. So then I asked "have I missed the return again?"
Answer was 8.2 to 29

So I asked because of 8.2 "is there a specific person I need to create a bond with?"
Answer was 47 line 5 to 40

Karcher says that 47 line 5 is about being punished by authority. So I asked "Am I being punished by authority?"
Answer was 56 no changing lines.

Then I asked "But you said it was good for me to settle here in Fairfield, Sage, and now you are telling me to move again?"
Answer was 17 no changing lines.

Then I asked, "well should I start packing?"
Answer was 56 line 4 to 52.

This clued me that I was probably going to travel and not move. I then asked "is the danger in acting prematurely?"
Answer was 19 line 2 to 24.

This made me think that I was going to be approached by someone who would start me on a new path somehow. I had been planning some things with a group here in Fairfield, so then I asked "should I set up my plan in another place besides here in Fairfield?"
Answer was 10 lines 1, 4 and 6 to hexagram 29.

There was that 29 again. I have been getting it a lot lately. I then asked "how do I avoid danger and the pitfall of 62 line 6?"
Answer was 20 lines 2,3,6 changing to 31.

This clued me that there is someone who is going to be wooing me, not necessarily romantically, but an attraction to something was in store for me. I then asked "Does this have to do with a job and money?"
Answer was 18 lines 3 and 5 changing to 59.

This clued me that the situation has something to do with a negative past that perhaps has to be forgiven or barriers dissolved in some way.

Days then passed and as I have been doing my One Minute Millionaire program, I asked the IC about some of my money ideas. One of the things I asked about had a clearly positive answer which was 14 lines 1 and 5 changing to 44. This clued me that there was someone coming into the picture (44) so I asked about several people I know and nothing was clear until I asked about a friend of mine who I will call Mary.

I like Mary in short doses but she exasperates me. I have lived with her in the past and we have traveled together and in general, I feel she is caught up in a negative eddy current that she can't get herself out of and won't hear any sense from anyone else about. So I have sort of avoided her in the recent weeks because I am tired of listening to a broken record of problems that she doesn't realize she creates, and adamantly defends herself when any suggestion of her own remissness comes into the conversation. This kind of person annoys me and even though we have been long time friends, I have all but given up hope that she will 'come around'.

But now I had asked about everyone, so out of ideas, I asked about Mary.
Answer was 49 lines 1,5,6 to 56.

This 56 caught my eye because I had been getting 56 in so many readings of late.

More days past and I was still of the mindset that I was going to continue to be involved with this Fairfield group. But I kept getting hexagram 23, telling me that I was splitting apart from the group and from this town. I asked the Sage "Is there some negative person in the group that wants to hurt me?"
Answer was 56.

Because Carol Anthony says that we almost always get hex 56 in relation to 'lawsuits' I asked "Am I being punished for something here or being prevented from success in my project here in Fairfield?
Answer was 56 lines 4 and 5 to 53.

I asked again "is this 56 line 5 about moving to a foreign place due to a job?"
Answer was 8 lines 1, 3, 4 changing to 49.

This made me ask "does 56 line 5 have to do with moving with family members?"
Answer was 54 line 6 changing to 38. I took this as a definite "no".

In the previous question where I got 8 line 1, 3, and 4 it clued me that there was someone else involved and that they may be negative people because of 8 line 3. But 8 line 4 seem to say, "hold with them anyway, at least outwardly" but a change was coming for sure (49).

A few more days passed and I did a tarot reading about money. The outcome was the 2 of cups and so again, I wondered if there was another person involved with me in my financial future. This was corroborated by all the hex 8 and hex 31 answers that had come up. So I asked "is the two of cups in my tarot reading a mutually beneficial financial partnership?
Answer was 38 line 2 changing to 21.

Some changing lines really irk me because I don't get them at all. 38 line 2 is like that for me. It never seems to bring to me an accidental or unusual event, or even a meeting with an important person. I never see any correlation to this line and real events in my life.

At any rate, a few days past and I asked "should I focus my interest on another place besides Fairfield?"
Answer was 31 lines 3,4,5 and 6 changing to 23.

This was another confirmation that I was splitting from this town. Hmmmm

A few days went by and I asked the Sage "okay, you say I am moving, so is it related to so in so?" and after that I asked "well how about this so in so?" and on down the list till Mary came up. That answer was 57 line 2 changing to 53.

This made me sure that it was Mary that was in focus here, and that wasn't good news for me. So I asked "working for Mary's company instead of my project?"
Answer was 33 line 6 to 31.

This confirmed to me that she was going to ask me to work for her.

So I asked "will working for Mary's company get me closer to my goals?
Answer was 33 line 5 to 56.

Hark lo and behold, the next morning bright and early, the phone rings and it is Mary telling me she has lost her key employees and needs me to go on the road (to trade shows) with her (New York, Boston and Washington DC). This sounds better than working in her factory so I am somewhat okay with it except that I can't imagine spending so much time day in and day out with her traveling and sharing hotel rooms etc.

The 29 I kept getting was a warning not to allow my bias against Mary to make me decide not to take her up on the job offer.

At this point I want to tell the Sage that he is nuts to even consider that I would go to work for Mary. But I keep my mind open. I asked the Sage "is this move just out of desperation or is there some long term benefit to doing this?
Answer was 61 lines 1 and 2 changing to 20.

I really didn't get much out of that answer, I felt like the Sage was saying "think about it yourself and quite asking me so many questions".

Since this trade show trip was only 4 weeks long, I asked the Sage "will I be working for Mary after the trade show trip is over?"
Answer was 13 line 4 to 37.

This made me think that I was going to get fed up with her (13 line 4) and come back to my family here in Fairfield (37). So I asked "or will I come back here to Fairfield?"
Answer was 38 line 2 to 21. There it was again, the confounded 38 line 2.

This hints to me that something might come out of nowhere to make things clearer during the next 4 weeks with Mary. But I still feel uneasy about spending so much time with her. So I asked the Sage again "Is this move to Mary's a step towards progress towards fulfilling my goals?"
Answer was 54 2,3,6 to 30.

I made no sense right away out of that answer, but 30 did seem like it was a mutually beneficial thing. So I asked "is 54 line 6 pertaining specifically to me and Mary?
Answer was 54 lines 1,3,4 to 46.

I take this to mean that the road peters out with me and Mary but something else might pop into the picture that leads to 46. So I ask again "is the job with Mary going to lead to other opportunities if I remain alert to them?
Answer was 8 lines 2,4,5, 6 changing to 64.

8 line 6 didn't look too promising and 64 seems very unsettled. This 4 week stint isn't going to bring me a huge amount of money, so I am still wondering what the hell I am doing even listening to the Sage on this one. But the Sage has a weird habit of being right-on with me. So I asked the Sage "Is Mary the 'bad people' of 8 line 3 but I have to hold with her anyway?"
Answer was 45 line 4 to 8. That is a pretty good outcome.

So I asked the Sage again "Will I be coming back here to Fairfield?"
Answer was 7 line 3 to 46.

Leaving here for 4 weeks will burn my bridges with my existing employer and I can see that relating to the 7 line 3 part of the above equation.

Then I got a call from a company here in Fairfield that I had sent a resume to. He was very interested to talk to me and liked the fact that I presently work for a web server that they are considering for their own business. (the company that I am going to be burning my bridges with if I go with Mary on this job). I had to tell him that I was already committed to going 4 weeks on this trade show stint. I asked him "would that put me out of the running for the job?". He said "no" and that he could work around my schedule if I proved to have the necessary skills for the job etc. So this could be the 46 in the answer above. I hope very much that I will be hired by this company. I won't go into the IChing answers I got about this job, but they seem to get more and more favorable as we continue to talk both in person and on the phone. He is actually coming to my house today to check out the web server I work for.

Then, out of the blue, Mary calls me and tells me that she has some misgivings about whether I have the stamina to keep up with what is required for the trade shows. I told her that I could not stand on my feet from 6:30 am to 9 pm without a break, which she was suggesting that I had to do. So I told her that I simply can't do it and ended the phone call with her. Then I asked the Sage "well, it looks like I am not going with Mary after all"
Answer was 6 lines 1,3,5 and 6 changing to 34.

This told me not to expect too much but 34 seems to say something else. I didn't get it.
So I told the Sage "I don't want to do this"
Answer was 13 lines 2, 4 changing to 9.

So then I said "Looks like I should just pass on it" hoping to get a resounding "yes!"
Answer was 5 line 6 to 9 again.

I interpret 9 as 'restrain yourself' so I shut up. Mary called back a while later and insisted that I come with her anyway, that we could work around the fact that I can't work like a slave horse for her. I don't know anyone who can go 6:30 am to 9 pm without eating, on their feet, for 3 days in a row, unless your life depends on it and mine doesn't. This is why Mary irks me so much. She is so unrealistic, even if she is a human dynamo herself.

Now I feel very frustrated and ask the Sage "I can't understand why the Sage would ask me to go spend so much time with Mary when she is such an inharmonious person!"
Answer was 63 lines 1,2,4 to 28.

I continue to whine: "but isn't it going to hurt me to hang with Mary so long?"
Answer was 55 line 1 to 62.

This was sort of a relief, 55 line 1 speaks of 10 days (which I interpret as a limited amount of time) which is do-able.

Then I asked a few more questions which brings us up to date: "will I have the stamina to stay up with Mary?"
Answer was 41 line 3 changing to 26.

I didn't get that answer at all. I asked "41 line 3 sounds like I am not the only one going on this trip? Is there going to be a threesome perhaps?"
Answer was 29 lines 5, 6 to 4.

This really puzzled me. I asked "29 line 6 is an extended period of bad luck!"
Answer was 63 1,3,4,6 changing to 6.

Now I am totally confused. We are down to the last day before I leave. I asked "should I drive up there or not?"
Answer was 44 lines 1 and 5 changing to 14.

44 line 5 and 14--who wouldn't think that was telling them to go? I asked "Sounds like I should go up there but I should expect some kind of change and I need to be flexible"
Answer was hexagram 7, no changing lines.

Final question about it "I guess I can expect some conflict with Mary, correct?"
Answer was 49 line 5 to 55.

I am leaving for the trip tomorrow at 6 am.

To be continued...


Mar 16, 1970
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Just wondering, have you ever read "The Dice Man"? (written by Luke Reinhart (?))



May 10, 1971
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"what is 29 all about?"
Answer was 56: 5, 6 = 31.

Hexagram 29 usually deals with self-created problems, it also represents the difficulties caused by doing so. Receiving the hexagram in this context indicates the need for further emotional and spiritual development. The mind is untrained, suffers from delusions such as anger or grasping for relationships, money, etc. & blaming others for one's own problems.

hexagrm 56 represents the traveler, the destination and the traveling itself. It also meansa change of circumstances. You must complete your present tasks (line 5) Through effort and perhaps suffering your destination is reached. The sixth line indicates real problems and losing one's lodgings if you have a tendency to be unreasonable on inconsiderate one loses one's lodging or home. I have seen it also indicate sickness in travel and having to return home.

Are you saying I have a change of residence coming up?"
Answer was 37: 1 to 53.
stay with your family for now, things may change gradually towards that which you seek. Say to yourself "I go by steps" Don't think you can solve your difficulties by changing your outside situation.

Then I asked "Do I need to remain stable and constant here in this town (Fairfield, Iowa) to reach my financial goals?"
Answer was 62 lines 2,4,6 changing to 18.

Hexagram 62: Indicates personal weakness overcoming inner strength. Do not undertake important life-changing matters.

Line 2: your role is more like giving support to others, your achievement at this time should stay within these limits; you should not attempt more

Line 4 is a real warning, stay where you are and be flexible

Line 6 this indicates that you exceed your limitations and face real problems. Since this is the future you can change this be following the 4th line.

hexagram 18 indicates problems from past conduct that should be solved. FAce up to the problem and work on it by steps, that is, gradually. Be patient.

Basically stay at home and work on your problems (they seem financial). Also start some real spiritual work-meditation or whatever your mind in untrained and looks to the outside for happiness. True happiness comes from taming the mind and its impulses.



May 10, 1971
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At this point I want to tell the Sage that he is nuts to even consider that I would go to work for Mary. But I keep my mind open. I asked the Sage "is this move just out of desperation or is there some long term benefit to doing this?
Answer was 61 lines 1 and 2 changing to 20

61:1 also clearly indicates that you should stay where you are. Hexagram 20 indicates you lack real perception of the problem that is, you are too close to the situation to see it clearly.


Jan 6, 1970
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Hi Sunperh,
I went and never worked so hard in my life. The tour was cut short much to my relief. I had a good time and was able to meetup with some people that I had been wanting to get together with for a long time. I gained a new respect for Mary, and what she does. I got some start up capital I needed to do things I want to do. So overall it was positive but it really drained me physically and I don't think I'll ever do it again!


Jan 6, 1970
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Hi Chris,
No, I haven't read the Dice Man but I have read about it and I think I have done that with my own life in the past!

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