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Nov 19, 1971
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Candid, a length aside! ;-)....

you wrote in the anon thread in announcements:
> Anon, your view is drably Orwellian; a faceless, nameless
> crowd of frightened souls with no distinction or
> individuality. It is not the person which matters, only
> their useable ideas, to the glory of totalitarianism. This
> is, by the way, the picture of 41 ? out and out decrease.

no it isnt. That is HALF the image in that if the distillation process does not work all you get is a pile of 'goo'. 41 is the process of literal concentration as well as metaphoric, the act of focusing to elicit 'purity' and so to distill, concentrate.

In the traditional I Ching the focus of 41 is:

"SUN : lessen, make smaller; take away from; lose, damage, spoil, wound; bad luck; blame, criticize; offer up, give away. The ideogram: hand and cermonial vessel, offering sacrifice."

Dont assume that to 'lessen' is negative. ;-) ... also note the making of an offering, something 'pure', ideal, for the 'gods'.

The pair of 41 and 31 reflect a GENERIC quality of refinement - 31 is focused on integrating (top line yin):

"HSIEN : come into contact with, influence; reach, join together; put together; put together as parts of a previously seperated whole; come into conjunction, as the celestial bodies; totally, completely; lit: broken pieces of pottery, the halfs of which join to identify partners." ERANOS p362

whereas 41 is more differentiating (top line yang).

Move to the really generic level of meaning for the species and 31/41 stem from the concept of BONDING, sharing space with another/others (bottom trigrams), within which is operating the concept of BINDING, sharing time with another/others (cultivating etc) (top trigrams).

Thus these hexagrams reflect ANY particular situation of a context of BONDING and a text of BINDING; either negative/integrating or positive/differentiating. (the other pair that forms this generic relationship into a quartet is 61/62 where 61 is differentiating and 62 integrating)

Your intuitive side has picked up the 'sharing of space with another/others' in "a faceless, nameless crowd of frightened souls with no distinction of individuality" BUT there IS a sense of individuality only that it is a sense of depression of being blocked (mountain base) OR a deep sense of self-reflection (lake base). IOW the sense of sharing space with others but still retain the sense of self. BLENDING, EARTH would be the negative element of surrendering identity - be it willinging 'devotion to another/others' or unwillingly (drawn into the total darkness to 'dissapear')

41 reflects (!) in that the self-reflection acts as feedback to 'refine', to 'concentrate', self-referencing and do 'purity' in focus.This is the context WITHIN which operates mountain but mountain in the upper position gives us a refined format where the blocking has been recruited to be proactive in the form of quality control, discernment - we still 'block' but now as an act of discriminating 'good' from 'bad'. FAILURE in that process leads to decline, to decrease, all we have is 'muck', but the PROCESS is of refinement, distillation.

The yin side of things is the realm of fear, 41 is more yang side (yang base line). If we look at this from the level of emotions+five-phase so 41 reflects filtration/depression-discernment in a context of love/sex (replication, replacement of something with something 'better' but through a focus on cooperative exchange. Self-reflection also gets us into narcissism etc ;-)).

The emotion of sadness, which comes with grief, remorse etc, feeds into the derived sense of discernment, of quality control - when people die we share them in our minds, we share space with them, as quality thoughts etc., out of sadness and the reactive comes discernment and the proactive, just as out of fear comes devotion to another/others through the recruitment of others as a place to hide.

All of us as such come out of the whole set of basic emotions that map to the full set of basic trigrams that can then be applied to hexagrams to generate composite emotions etc.

Thus, for example, 49 reflects the act of revelation and is rooted in the emotional context of acceptance, of being 'in' or 'out', one of the gang or not with an emotional text of love/sex in the form of intensity in expression, the self focus is now outwards, self promotion, integrating overall by revealing what is 'beneath' the covers - the revelation acts to integrate.

At the really generic level the sexual love becomes a focus on replacement through replication in a context of acceptance, i.e. a focus on issues of ideology - the revelation shows the 'old guard' is in need of replacement and we integrate, form a revolution etc, to do that, to replace the old ideology with a new one but still retain an overall sense of historic development, we dont 'start again'. (in five-phase the trigram of fire reflects the act of wholesale distribution outwards. The opposite is water, associated with consumption and so internal distribution. Emotionally water is associated with issues of rejection, disgust etc - we throw up what we try to consume! ;-))

The concept of "Starting again" is associated more with the anger trigram, heaven. Thus cooperative exchange, the lake trigram of love(sex), in a context of competitive exchange, the trigram of anger (refines into singlemindedness and issues of respect) elicits hexagram 43 - spreading the word, seeding, sending out cuttings to 'take over' the context. The intensity is reflected (!) in lake in the top position, the intent is reflected in heaven in the bottom position - replication through erradication where distribution of the seed takes over the context.

CRITICAL thinking comes out of earth/mountain where the focus on identification is not on what it IS but on what it is NOT; there is natural difficulty in asserting a point straight-off, there is lots of 'beating around the bush' as one tries to flush-out the point. This can be combined with a tendancy to be not too willing to assert directly, better to hide, or let the 'group' assert rather than the self and so the group takes on the responsiblity of the assertion - reflecting the underlying fear/sadness element present.

In the realm of competitive exchange, of anger expressed in the context of fear and sadness we have:

hexagram 12 - neutralising. anger operating in a context of fear/devotion means we cannot erradicate the opposition, only neutralise them. This neutralising acts to re-affirm one's belief in another/others/creed etc., but continues the overall theme of coexisting with the opposition and so our fears. (this affirmation of belief is reflected in the hexagram that pairs with 12, 45 where the focus is on cooperative exchange (sexual love in the context of fear/devotion) in the form of congregating to express one's 'love' for the faith etc)

hexagram 33 - retreating. anger operating in a context of sadness/discernment is reflected through the use of a block in the form of trickary, to entice the enemy to follow and so fall into a trap, to be on 'my ground' rather than fight on their ground. (the enticement is reflected in the other element that pairs with 33, 31 - discussed above).

BOTH trigrams of earth and mountain reflect issues of filtration, of what is accepted and what is rejected. 12 reflects the sense of filtration from given beliefs, be they from religious or secular texts etc, the belief is unconditional. 33 reflects the sense of filtration from personal experiences and so conditional beliefs - discernment.

Since ALL hexagrams are reflected at each moment it is the sorting from best fit to worst fit that gives us local colour. Hiding reflects a sort with yin dominating and so issues of:

(1) identity seeking
(2) security seeking

(1) reflects earth (fear) or mountain (sadness)
(2) reflects water (rejection/disgust) or wind (anticipation - initially of doing something wrong and so a need for monitoring)



Chris, no point in plunging into what I'm not prepared to swim through.

I love ya man!


Chris, as you know already know, I operate mostly from the intuitive. So its easier for me to express ideas in analogies, or prose. My analogy was political. You know the one in Wilhelm: ?Likewise, a decrease in the prosperity of the people in favor of the government is out-and-out decrease.? This was the idea I was expressing. Sacrificing our identity, our individuality, for the sake of community brings decrease to the persons within that community.

BTW, I have read your post.. a few times.. slowly. I recognize that you?re painting a much more detailed picture than I had intended. A work of art nonetheless.


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