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Basics of BaZi(Chinese Astrology)


Oct 22, 2018
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If we want to go deeper in the Yi Jing, some basic idea of the Chinese Calendar and astrology may be helpful.
So lets look at some very basic ideas from there.

We will look at BaZi and the Solar Calendar.
BaZi has many names and translations, 8 symbols, 4 Pillars of Destiny and many others.

Most often we find it using The Solar Calendar. In there we use Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.

We have combination of a Stem and a Branch for each year, month, day and 2 hour period.
When we combine both we call it a Pillar. A pillar looks like this:

The upper Character we call Stem. We can see similar to the lower one it has element(Wood,Fire,Earth,Metal or Water) and polarity(Yin or Yang).
Earthly branches also have Animal associated to them.
In this case for Yang Metal branch that is the Monkey.
(as this is the pillar of today,24Nov2018)

In that way it may be easier to figure out how the name of the years come up. For example now is the year of the Earthly Dog. That means that the Stem will be Earth. It also means the branch is Yang Earth, as Dog is Yang Earth branch.

So the current year will look like this:

We work with Images. When enough Images gather we can say something will happen.

Branches are earthly, they are heavy influence, sometimes difficult to notice at first glance, but in general moving a lot more slowly and in a fixed way.
Stems are heavenly, they are fast, light and very surface influence. Its very easy a stem to control the branch, very difficult(more or less impossible) the other way around as it would be like trying to control a song that comes from the far distance. It can influence a lot the people that hear it, but it isn't heavy enough to grasp, before its gone far away.
Branches are much easier to get and work with,usually.

So now we know what is Pillar. It is made of a Stem and Branch. Both have their element, their polarity(always the same) and move together.

Every day the day pillar changes to the next one. Every month the month pillar will change and it is the same for Year and Hour pillars. 60 Pillars make a full cycle and the cycle starts again. So if we have the 4 pillars of someone we can never be sure if he was born today, 60 years ago or 120 years ago with that information alone.

This 4 pillars(year, month, day and hour) create the 8 symbols that we use in the BaZi styles to read someones fate.
The whole map would look similar to this(for today):

From here we just look the big Images.

So what is the difference between year, month, day or hour pillar...
Lets start with the Year.
Year pillar suggest something we have to stretch out to connect.
As a kid trying to get a jar of something it wants, far out in a higher shelf, we need to send part of us out in the distance to connect to what is in the Year Pillar(as we are far from it in the Day Stem).

That can be a childhood memories, or connection to our ancestors(as our parents and grand parents would be in the Year Pillar), international places or our connection to the world outside of the place we live in and everything else we consider far.

In that way a organization symbolized by a branch that seems to be interacting with us(so lets say a place we will work at), will be international if it is in the year. Local if it is in the month while beyond distance if it is in the hour(like online for example). Too near to our physical body all the time, if it is in the Day Pillar to be possible to represent organization.

Reason for that is that each pillar has basic Images connected to it. And to the Year Pillar all will be associated with the Image of something "far" from us.
Looking for someones Spouse, their location in the year pillar suggest it will either be older or born in far away place. Or often its both.
Looking at our physical body the four limbs are represented in the year pillar. As they are what we use to stretch far out from where we are.

Will continue with the other pillars if it seems appropriate.


Oct 22, 2018
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So lets move to the month pillar. : )
Month pillar is this:

Now, logically the month pillar is aligned to the Sun position during the year. In practice we calculate it by what is called Suns apperent ecliptical longitude and it basically means that in the time of the year the Sun will be highest in the sky(Summer Solstice around 21 june), the days will be longer and it will be somewhat warmer we will have the fire branches, while when the day is the shorter(winter solstice), the Sun will be much lower in the sky at noon and it will be generally colder will be the Water branches.
Making the movement of the elements cover a movement of expansion(Wood > Fire), then after it riches its maximum(solstice) begins to contract(metal > water) and then begins again and again each year/month/day and hour.

And now we are interesting in the months, the part of the calendar that is very familiar even to a western person as we view the seasons in much the same way as they do in China with few differences.

So what we use practically in bazi related to the month pillar.
First for distance, month pillar will be near us. Someone I learned a lot from would define it as "local, within the same country".
The Images from my point of view are of something near, fundamental and rooted in our view to life.

That would be beliefs, traditions, overall in the month pillar is our base that we move to the outside world from.
Considering that it makes a lot of sense we can see the month pillar bringing images of our spine and our torso.
Both very important parts of our body we relate from.

Month also has images of something big. That would be like whatever is in it will be "zoomed in", so it will be much larger then the rest of the chart. One reason why people are willing to do a lot for their beliefs/traditions, they just seem much bigger and more encompassing that the rest of their life may seem.

Month pillar also has images of the climate/environment of the chart. So often the strength of different parts of the chart may be related to it(not always). In that sense many schools would say that Metal DM(day stem, that is us), that is born in the middle of the Summer(fire season), will be very weak. While Fire DM, born in the middle of the Summer(Wu horse lets say), will be very strong, but being so strong is not good either.

While that part is not in all schools, in all of them the Month Pillar would be seen as a base that much of what else is going on is happening at. Clash of Day Branch to the Year Branch - usually not a big deal. Clash from Day Branch to Month Branch, would suggest possible problems with lower body of the person if day branch is weak. As its like clashing with a mountain, its just too near and too big to go unnoticed.

The old idea of "structure" of the chart(in modern times sometimes called "profile"), is based on the leading element of the Month Branch. Suggesting that just by knowing the month branch we can know what is important for that person. If we have Resource there it would be knowledge/his mother/his home etc. if its RB will be other people, but in competing sort of way, his own element etc.

Something moving from Month to Year Pillar is basically moving from local to multinational.

Soo... Lets post some calculators. While of course its easy to find many all around, here are some that we made that may be more difficult to find:

My old PC calc for the Five Arts is still here:
May remove it in the future, as we are moving to the web version and since some parts of it were for specific style that was better to not include(very long story).

The site for bazi is here:

Even without understanding much of that can mouse over the different "symbolic stars" and read some short description of what they may mean. Then can apply the mentioned images to them(something saying good luck in the month, that would be local, near the person, seem bigger then what else is happening in life at the time etc.).

Keep in mind this is showing all potential stars. Not all will be active at the same time.

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