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BIG decision and hex 64


Sep 14, 2006
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I have very big decision to make. It could go either way. It could be a total disaster or a fabulous opportunity. My gut has been telling me "fabulous opportunity" but my fear has been telling me the opposite.

My question was worded thus: "What do I need to know about doing this?"

64.4.6 to 7

Line 4:

Perseverance brings good fortune.
Remorse disappears.
Shock, thus to discipline the Devil's Country.
For three years, great realms are rewarded.

Now it is the time of struggle. The transition must be completed. We must make ourselves strong in resolution; this brings good fortune. All misgivings that might arise in such grave times of struggle must be silenced. It is a question of a fierce battle to break and to discipline the Devil's Country, the forces of decadence. But the struggle also has its reward. Now is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future.

The Yi seems to be saying that my fears are without basis and that I must discard them if I am to succeed. I believe that it's also saying that this could be a bit of a struggle. However, I will win in the end.

I do not see a warning here.

Line 6:

There is drinking of wine
In genuine confidence. No blame.
But if one wets his head,
He loses it, in truth.

Before completion, at the dawning of the new time, friends foregather in an atmosphere of mutual trust, and the time of waiting is passed in conviviality. Since the new era is hard on the threshold, there is no blame in this. But one must be careful in all this to keep within proper bounds. If in his exuberance a man gets drunk, he forfeits the favorableness of the situation through his intemperance.

I don't see this as a warning either except perhaps to caution me about getting carried away. Overall, the message seems positive. Everything will go well but I need to keep my wits about me.

This is a VERY important venture for me. Does anyone see a serious warning here?


Jun 18, 2006
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Your answer does indeed suggest that you go for it, line 64.4 is very good, telling you to make a firm decision and abide by it, to quash your doubts as accepting this opportunity will give you great rewards in the future. Line 64.6 is just a warning not to let your success go to your head, stay grounded and realistic, just be alert.
Hex 7 Be determined to carry this through and you will be successful, it calls for self discipline in all that you undertake, not to be frightened but rather to be strong.


Feb 29, 2008
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Hi there

I am looking at the 4th line almost like the wild west of america or australia. There are oppotunitys but on the same hand there are many temptations,struggles and battles
going into unfamiliar territory is what i am getting at
Then in conjuction with the 6th line i usually relate that line with an excess of drugs or liquor
but is a general sense it could mean not to let the good times cloud the reality of what may possibly be the ultimate achievement again i seem to find with oracle trying to see the forest from the trees

So as Willowfox is saying try and stay grounded as best you can and this may give you more clarity

To me hexagram 7 is a call of dicsipline to a degree

and in this case 64 is standing before the river and how will i cross it

This is my basic over view of the major hexagrams but I hope it helps



Sep 14, 2006
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Thank you all for your responses.

I have pretty much decided to go ahead with this as my intuition is saying go for it and the Yi seems fairly positive.

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