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correlation between 2 questions?



today I consulted the oracle about 2 different questions in a row. for me the 2 questions are not directly connected, but the answeres of the I Ching may be. there is no coincidence in the I Ching?
the first question was: "How are the prospects of having children of my own within the next 5 years?" I got 9.2 --> 37
the 2nd question was: "How can I improve my situation at work and in my relationship within the next year?" I got --> 59
As you see the 2nd hexagramm of my first question is the first hexagramm of my 2nd question. Does it mean that there is a correlation between the answeres?
I hope that someone with more experience in I Ching readings can help me because these are very important questions in my life.

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Jun 3, 2006
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Actually the 2nd hexagram of your first question is NOT 37, but 57.
I hope that helps.


Jun 18, 2006
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""How are the prospects of having children of my own within the next 5 years?" I got 9.1 --> 57"

This is telling you that something in your situation is not in order, it is telling you not to try too hard at the moment as you are not in a strong position, wait, when matters are more stable then children are possible.
Hex 57 is saying that success will be achieved by keep trying, so you have to just keep on until oneday you will become pregnant. This hex describes what will happen quite clearly.


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Jan 13, 1971
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I'm no expert, but here's what it looks like to me.

I think the response to your first question -- hex 9, line 2, tending towards or in the context of 37 -- advises you to make it a priority to take care of little things. Make sure you have a comfortable, responsible domestic routine, that you and everything you're responsible for is well looked after; that should best prepare you for the prospect of a family.

The second question is complicated, because you're asking about your relationship and your work, both at the same time. For many people, those two interests tend to conflict; for others, they're conmplementary or even connected. Without knowing more about your situation, it's tough to make sense of the answer.

37, of course refers to a family or at very least to a sense of community. (I've had it appear in work-related readings; I work for a small, close-knit company, and I think we derive much of our success from the trust and respect we all share for each other.)

line 1: This is about being where you belong -- I read this as a "grow where you're planted" sentiment.
line 2: This is like the 9.2 you got earlier: look after little things at home.
line 3: Don't let little problems and resentments fester until you explode; if you're dissatisfied, say your piece calmly and early before it's a crisis.

59 is about dissemination and dispersion: flowing, spreading out, dissolving , perhaps a little shape-shifting. Depending on the nature of your work, it might imply taking unusual routes to get the word out about your product or service; it might mean that you need to dissolve some rigid organizational structures or ideas about what you're doing. In the context of a relationship, it might mean that you need to challenge some old ideas, dissolve some boundaries, or perhaps that you need to diversify a little -- get some of what you need by participating in the community at large.

Does this conflict with advice in 37.1? I don't know. It's certainly possible that 59 is intended to serve as a warning, and the strong home-centered advice in 9.2 and in 37 advises against a tendency to spread yourself too thinly.


Oct 26, 1970
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yes, do your absolute best, dutifully not indulgently, stay on course, and your fears will be dispersed

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