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December 2019/January 2020: 29.2 to 8, 17.4 to 3, 1.2 to 13, and to 53


Oct 26, 2018
Reaction score
I wanted to go back to my hometown after completing my degree. However, my mom wants to go with me, but her passport expired a few years ago and she can still be able to renew via mail.

How will I feel after the end of the Fall 2019 semester? 29.2 Repeating Chasms to 8 Seeking Union.
Line 2 says, "The chasm has sheer sides. Seek small gains." Does this mean that I will be excited?

What will happen when I arrive in my hometown? 17.4 Following to 3 Sprouting.
Line 4 says, "Following makes a catch. Constancy, pitfall. With truth and confidence, holding to the path with clarity, How can this be wrong?" Will my friends and relatives meet me?

How will the process of renewing mom's passport go? 1.2 Creative Force to 13 People in Harmony.
Line 2 says, "See the dragon in the fields. Fruitful to see great people." Will it go smoothly?

Will my mom have to renew her visa? Gathering to 53 Gradual Progress.
Line 3 says, "Now gathering, now lamenting. No direction bears fruit. Going on, no mistake. Small shame." Is this a no?
Line 4 says, "Great good fortune, no mistake." Turned out the Consulate of China said that the visa back in 2011 is valid for a decade. Will the visa on my mom's expired passport be transferred to the new passport?
Line 6 says, "Heartfelt lamenting, weeping, snivelling – not a mistake." Should it be done immediately after getting the new passport?

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