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DeviantArt User: 31.3.5 to 16, 12.4.5 to 23, and to 61


Oct 26, 2018
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In the past, I have posted personal commentaries on Deviantart and there was a user who is from Japan called Onlytheghosts started attacking me with political stuff especially about Trump. The comments stop after I stopped posting personal commentaries.

What was Onlytheghost attacking me on Deviantart? 31.3.5 Influence (Wooing) to 16 Enthusiasm.
Hex 31: Above the mountain is a lake: Influence. A noble one accepts people with emptiness.
Line 3: Influence in your thighs, Holding on to your following Going on, shame.
Line 5: Influence in the neck and shoulders. No regrets.
Hex 16: Thunder bursts forth from the earth: Enthusiasm. The ancient kings composed music to honour virtue, They celebrated and worshipped the supreme lord, Joining with their ancestors.
Is it saying that I was holding solid on my beliefs (line 3) and that I am taking on the weight (line 5), where he sees there is a good discussion (hex 16)?

What does Onlytheghost's private life look like? 12.4.5 Blocked (Standstill, Stagnation) to 23 Stripping Away (Splitting Apart).
Hex 12: Heaven and earth do not interact: Blocked. A noble one uses his strengths sparingly to avoid hardship. He does not allow himself honours and payment.
Line 4: There is a mandate, no mistake. Work with clarity, fulfilment.
Line 5: Resting when blocked. Great person, good fortune. It is lost, it is lost! Tie it to the bushy mulberry tree.
Hex 23: Mountain rests on the earth: Stripping Away. The heights are generous, and there are tranquil homes below.
Is it saying that the user doesn't want to talk about it (line 4) and keeps it under the sheets (line 5), which he doesn't want to reveal it to me (hex 23)?

What are Onlytheghost's beliefs? Returning (The Turnng Point) to 61 Inner Truth (Limitation).
Hex 24: Thunder dwelling in the centre of the earth: Returning. The ancient kings closed the borders at winter solstice. Itinerant merchants did not travel, The prince did not tour the regions.
Line 2: Rest and return – good fortune.
Line 5: Great-hearted return – no regrets.
Line 6: Confused return, pitfall. There is calamity and blunder. Using this to mobilize the armies: in the end there is great defeat. For your state's leader, disaster. For ten years, incapable of marching out.
Hex 61: Above the lake is the wind: Inner Truth. A noble one deliberates over legal proceedings and delays executions.
Is it saying that the user want to be in his own bubble (line 2, 5) but doesn't understand where he is at (line 6), which he is blurred (hex 61)?

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