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Dec 8, 1970
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Have you noticed over the years that certain hexagrams just keep cropping up, while others just never do? For awhile I kept getting #44. Temptation. But that has stopped.
Now I keep getting #61, Inner Truth. About 5 years ago I decided to incorporate my favorite hexagrams into my art. In my Clarity Personal Profile I've got a photo of one of my raku fired ceramic vases. My "I-Ching"pots are only about 3" tall, and are very affordable.
If you have a particular hexagram that you want to be reminded of, love in particular, or would like to give as a gift, I would be very happy to give you information about these vases. Each one has the hexagram lines etched in it, as well as the chinese callgraphy. They come in two shapes and several different sizes. I don't have my website finished yet, but I do have digital images available and there is a website for the gallery that represents me. I once did a show titled: 64 Attitudes, in which I made a pot for each of the hexagrams. In my lifetime, I intend to do that again, but it is a huge endeavor. Is there anybody else out there doing I-Ching art? Is there anybody else out there that has written their own interpretations of the hexagrams? I have spent quite a bit of time trying to fine tune their meaning, for me. Since I present my art to the public, I consider myself to be introducing people to the I-Ching. It's really amazing how much appeal some of the hexagrams have, especially when the chinese calligraphy is included.
People spend lots of time choosing which one fits their life. They aren't throwing the coins, but they're using the divination in a signficant way. I live in a forest on a hilltop on an Island in the Pacific Northwest. I don't get out into the world much, and I like it that way. I especially look forward to chatting with anybody who wants to talk about art and the I Ching, or personal interpretations of the hexagrams. Joan

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