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ETA small packet from China #2

Tim K

Nov 29, 2013
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41 - 52.png
How many days will it take for the package to be delivered? → 52

Wilhelm, 41: This hexagram represents a decrease of the lower trigram in favor of the upper, because the third line, originally strong, has moved up to the top ...

I guess in 2 weeks and a couple of days, so it will arrive on the 3rd week.
It says 3rd line in 41, it shows me graphically that h41 has first two lines(weeks) that are active, and the 3rd one is feminine, being different. Ready to receive.
Also the first 3 lines are changing, again focusing the attention on them.

Also from the lines
41.1 → 4 (Immaturity), Richmond:
Going quickly when the work is finished is without error,
but consider the effects of this.

This time it won't take thaaat long (see my prev. thread).

41.3 → 26 (Great Potential), Richmond:
Three going in company will lose one.
One alone finds company.

Less than 3, more than 1 week.

Package is flying up (I hope so!) and then at the end of the journey I can 52 keep still again.

Any other ideas?

Tim K

Nov 29, 2013
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10-Nov 5:00 UTC the packet has been shipped by the seller, no track number though :(
This would be really interesting :)

Tim K

Nov 29, 2013
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How will the packet cross the border with Russia? → 22 (mode of transportation?)

62 Flying bird - yay :) It was sent by 'Par avion'/airmail.
62.1 → 55 (Abundance), Richmond:
The flying bird meets misfortune.

62.4 → 15 (Humility), Wilhelm:
No blame. He meets him without passing by.
Going brings danger. One must be on guard.
Do not act. Be constantly persevering.

I take it as flying over the border, meeting me without passing through border checkpoint.

62.6 → 56 (Journeying), Richmond:
He does not meet him but passes him by.
The bird flies from him. Misfortune.
Natural and intended hurt.

Hmm reverse situation. Doesn't meet the border but passes it over?
Legge mentions bird flying far aloft, i think it's more close to my idea of airmail.

62.1 leads to 55.4 → 36 (Darkening), Legge:
Shows its subject in a tent so large and thick that at midday he can see from it the constellation of the Bushel.
But he meets with the subject of the (first) line, undivided like himself.
There will be good fortune.

Describes an airport customs?

36.6 → 22 (Adornment), Legge:
Shows the case where there is no light, but (only) obscurity.
(Its subject) had at first ascended to (the top of) the sky; his future shall be to go into the earth.

Again an image of airplane taking off, climbing up and then descending for landing.
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