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Etymology : Chien(1) Transition level


Jul 12, 2006
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At this transition stage, first level of Human Affairs the Dragon, symbol of the hexagram, disappears. But the doubling of the name of the hexagram indicates that its creative aspect remains and the presence of the Accomplished Man confirms the possibility to adopt it, as long as one behaves as appropriately and with the same perspicacity as the valorous personage. It is the right moment to materialise the power of the Creative Impetus, to initiate the proposed objective by doubling the effort and reinforcing oneself tirelessly. However when, at the end of the day, the energy level declines, one must pay particular attention in his behaviour.

The correctness of the stroke at this level accentuates the tendency to firmness which will become rigidity at the last level of the hexagram. At this place of passage from inside to outside of the hexagram – below to above – ( which the text highlights as a transition from one day to the next) an uncompromising set-up could provoke dangerous reactions but, at the same time, , one who hesitates too much could sensor the possibility of noticing the reversal at work.

君 子 Accomplished Chief : Symbolic personage signalling that the situation requires particular qualities of courage and shrewdness. At this level of passage
(transition level), while lassitude and danger are on the lookout, firmness of character and lucidity are particularly necessary.

終 日 Until day’s end : Mantic formula in two characters amongst which the first is the modulation at the end and the second the ideogram Sun used in the sense of Day. Appearing each time in situations of tension or difficulty, this expression can simply mean Until The End, All The Way, since the temporal notation it indicates is rather imprecise.

乾 乾 Firmly Firm : The text shows twice mentioned the name of the hexagram. In Chinese, the repetition of a character gives it a superlative value. Common in the context of the Yi Ching, examples are found at Qian’s (15) first line, Xi Kan’s (29)third level and Jian’s (39) second line. This construction is applied to the construction to the name of an hexagram but one more time in a Yang majority figure : Guai Mei’s (43) third level.

惕 Alert : Mantic appreciation signalling that a particular attention must be given to the changes in progress.

夕 Night Comes ( at night ) : The ideogram, featured here exclusively, represents the first quarter of the lunar crescent, of which the inferior point is already hidden by the horizon. It means Night, Evening, Dusk, Oblique in relation to the East-West axis.

夕 惕 Night Comes Still Alert : These two characters have reached the point of being a proverb, indicating someone who is vigilant in his behaviour from morning to night. ( dawn until dusk)

厲 Danger : Mantic appreciation signalling the inherent risks in the situation. Here the danger is the fatigue besetting between dogs and wolves, prefiguring the blindness that will occur at the last line.

无 咎 Absence of Fault : Specific mantic formula advising not to remain in a hesitant or uncertain state of mind. At the moment of the Creative Impetus this advice, repeated at the following line, is the characteristic of the Human level ( levels three and four), where the Dragon is not mentioned.

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