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Etymology of Kun(2) Prefect level


Jul 12, 2006
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The force that is still undecisive germinating under a coat of Frost at the previous line hatches here to the four horizons. It is just about ready to exercise frankly and directly in all domains, and naturally find its efficiency without any drive, project or necessary premeditation. This ease in the adequation is a sign of grandeur. The unexpected use of this Yang related attribute evokes a receptivity transparent to Heaven’s influence. Meticulous qualities of straightness and generosity without measure are necessary to manifest this influence and give it shape.

At this level of Prefect, Yin’s sovereignty is at the place of honour. Its efficiency, less hidden and less static than that of the fifth level to which it echoes by its centralised position, is qualified by Nothing which is not Profitable , the best mantic appreciation of the hexagram and one of the most favourable of the entire Yi Ching. At the second level of Lin (19) this appreciation indicates a capacity to deep-root forces that are awakening; At the second level of Da Guo (28) it is the symbol of the regain of vitality resulting from the fluid connivence between Yin and Yang. Without imposing, to know how to greed all possibilities available, allows one to accompany and support their full deployment.

方 Rectitude : Representing an Eye measuring with a gauge, this ideogram originally meant A land without recesses. It evokes the idea of an area where nothing is hidden. Properly as figuratively, it means Straight as opposed to curved, or crooked. Combined with the symbol for heart and that of action it becomes attitude, conduct.

直 Four Directions : The text simply bears the ideogram Directions. However, meaning originally Square, this word directly suggests the idea of Four, according to the four directions of the Earth of which the square is the major emblem. This character also has a grammatical use, To be about to, by echo here with the creative potentiality of Yin. The phrase could simply be read as Rectitude in all directions. However the presence of the character Four in the text of the Great Images of two situations emphasise the importance of Yin in a Yang context: At Li (30)and Guo (18), end up giving this character its full meaning of Four Directions.

大 Greatness : The ideogram represents a Human being with his arms spread, mimiquing the universal gesture for large. In the context of the Yi Ching, it is sometimes used as its common sense : Grand, and, sometimes, as meaning Yang. Greatness is chosen here to echo the attribute Rectitude.

習 Training : The ideogram is one of the two used to name the hexagram Xi Kan (29) : Training for the crossing of Ravines. Focussed on the notion of Exercise (Training), of Preparation, of Project, this word, features here only and at Xi Kan, is found here with a negation since nay previous preparation is useless during a moment where vitality can express itself with all its colours and find spontaneously, by its aptitude to respond to demands, the roadways to creativity.

元 不 利 Nothing which is not Profitable : One of the best mantic appreciations of the Yi Ching emphasising the presence of a strong potential of action and a great aptitude to contribute to renewals.

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