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Has this relationship any future at all?


Jul 15, 2012
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For the last 8 months, since late Nov 2011/early Dec 2011, I been in love with a women, I'll call her F. Please do not judge us. We live in a very different world to the usual one. I know we are different. There are some very rich and powerful women and some men in her life. I am very much in love with her. You have to understand that. I want her so much. I want to marry her and live with her,care for her and her child for the rest of our lives. In January 2012 at her own suggestion she went so far as to arrange a civil marriage ceremony in South London for us. I know she loved me at least. Before the ceremony happened she vanished. She returned in May. She was pregnant. The child is due in October 2012.
Someone else has come into her life someone way way more rich or powerful than me (I'm not rich or powerful by the way). Someone with immense influence over F.
This women told me I will never ever see F. Never ever is a very long time.
Naturally, I am emotionally crushed and in despair. I can barely see for tears.I do not want to slip into depression again(That was 12 years ago). I do not know what to do, if there is any hope even.
I asked the question of the I Ching.
'Will F. and I live together as wives and mothers for ever?'
The I Ching replied with Hexagram 29(The Abysmal) with the first line a 6 and all changing into the Hexagram 60 (Limitation).
What does this mean? Does this mean that all my hopes and dreams are over for ever? Or does this mean something more nuanced, something dare I say it, With hope in?
I really do appreciate any comment and help you are willing to give me.
Thank You.


Sep 18, 2011
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It's a very big question to ask. I'm not sure what happens with such questions in general. But in my experience, the answer I'd get for similar type questions would tend be a reflection of my own feeling or intuition about the situation at the time. And this can be helpful as a kind of reality check and to focus on what's really happening when in a state of confused and conflicting feelings.

Here is LiSe's commentary on that line:
Initial 6 : Repeated pit, entering the pit's trap fall. Pitfall.
Do not become the difficulties yourself, stay on your own path. If you feel bad because a situation is bad, then you are in two pits. Do not permit yourself to become anything else but you.
(Changes to hex.60)
It's difficult for now, but if you see it as a step-by-step process, you'll get through. So take it day by day, or hour by hour if that's what it takes and you feel you are in danger. It's saying don't give yourself up to the danger and difficulty. So the advice to stay on your own path is what you have to keep in mind. And maybe the next question you ask could be about seeing the situation differently than how it looks today. Something like "what is the lesson for me in all this?"(just an example)

Here is the rest of her commentary on hex 29:
To get out of dangers or misery is not by solving problems. It is by leaving the fear. In the arts of fighting one learns to get used to danger, so it does not call up fear anymore, and defense can come entirely out of one's skill. No fear interfering.
Then one can be like water, adapting, fitting into any form. Water in a cup acquires the form of the cup, in a lake the form of the lake. It is smooth and flowing - and can be terribly crushing.
Deep inside one has a stable, quiet and safe core, but in the course of life, most people forget about it. Just remember and no danger can afflict you. Visit the dark secret depths of your heart and bring the wisdom of your soul back to life.
Water is the primeval chaos, the great mother of everything, without form or limit, eternal. It is a gift of the gods, and to go to its source is to return to holiness.
source: http://yijing.nl/i_ching/index.html

I hope some of this helps, and wish you the best with getting through it.

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