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Mar 16, 1970
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The ROOTS of the category of Heaven in the universal IC are in a generic sense of expansive blending, a focus on wholeness through expansion, differentiating and so mediating; a focus on skill development, assertion of context and so moving out into the world.

11 - harmonising, balancing (unconditional agent of mediation)
26 - holding firm (conditional mediation, tried and true preference)

05 - waiting (unconditional; one waits for one's opportunity to come around by networking)
09 - small gainings (conditional 'waiting', one builds up small successes to become noticed)

34 - invigorating (unconditonal, active attraction)
14 - directing (from centre) (conditional 'invigorating' - running things from the centre along a preferred path)

43 - seeding, spreading the 'word' (unconditonal)
01 - singlmindedness (conditional - competitive, skills development, focused)

In the above pairs of the lake octet, the first hexagram is unconditional in its manner, the second is conditional. Thus, since this octet reflects in a microcosm the macrocosm so the 'opposites' dynamics of the macro apply. Thus we have pairs of hexagrams reflecting the unconditional/conditional expressions of the five lines each hexagram shares with the other:

11, 26 (general harmonising/balancing vs a particular preference to hold to)
05, 09 (waiting for something 'big' to happen, vs making particular small gains to 'make' the big happen)
34, 14 (invigorating in general vs invigorating in particular, a definite 'path' to follow for wealth/profit etc)
43, 01 (general 'spreading of the word' vs the singleminded focus on asserting that word)

As well as the mapping of POTENTIALS/ACTUALS, or more so the seeming 'balanced' as compared to their exaggerated format:

11 - 01 (basic mediation vs its exaggerated form)
26 - 43 (basic preference for a perspective vs its exaggerated form (selling it over all else))
05 - 14 (potential 'centre' vs actual 'centre')
09 - 34 (making small gains to become noticed vs being noticed and invigorating/invigorated by the 'high')

All have a sense of dealing with issues of expanding, differentiating, mediating, skill development and so 'transcending', betterment, replacement of something with something 'better' etc as a 'fundamental' element.

The skeletal forms (27-ness) of all of these hexagrams are found in the octet of wind. For example the skeletal form of 11 is 18 - with its focus on correcting 'extremes' in the form of neglect or criminal 'corruptions'. The focus in 18 is on a need to avoid neglect by continuous communications, feedback etc. That format is here skeletal, carried forward here into the focus on being an agent of mediation - note the text re the ideogram for 11:

"T'AI : spread and reach everywhere, permeate, diffuse; communicate; great, extensive, abundant, prosperous; smooth, slippery; extreme, extravagant, prodigal. Mount T'AI in eastern China was a sacred mountain connecting heaven and earth. The emperor made offerings there to establish harmony between humans and the great spirits. The ideogram: person in water, connected to the universal medium."ERANOS p186

Being in the middle is a focus on mediation, on being a 'conduit' for the powers of heaven and earth but also a director of those powers through mediation. The EXAGGERATED form of expression is in 11's 'opposite' in the octet - hex 01. Here the agent of mediation 'gets off' on his/her skills as a mediator and so cares little for what is mediated, as long as it is them that gets the kudos for the mediating.

As 18 is the 27-ness of 11, so 11 is the 27-ness of 18 - the generic focus is on mediation, harmonising/balancing, with 18 being the fully actualised form in its focus on dealing with corruption through restoring the 'natural' flow of things. Note that 18 is conditional in its actions, top trigram is focused on discernment, 11 is unconditional (top trigram is focused on devotion).

The heaven PAIRS themselves form into quartets of meaning ((11,26),(05,09) Vs (34,14),(43,01)) and so on. (e.g. more pairs such as 34,14 vs 43,01 - meaning in meaning in meaning - all due to the method of derivation)

EACH can be XOR-ed with any other to bring out its expressiveness THROUGH that other, all made by analogy to some other hexagram. All of these methods bring out finer details of structure due simply to the method used to create these structures - recursion of yin/yang that ensures all is linked together - as such there is no need for analogies outside of the 'box' since all analogies can be made within the box - if you know what is going on ;-) (and there is LOTS more going on here in that EACH pair can form into a sequence of 64 that serve as analogies/metaphors for describing a 'logic of relationships'
etc etc)


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