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Help - HEX 29 no Changing Lines - IChing Attitude Advice


May 5, 2011
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Hello, I have just had a relationship disappointment ( I had a recent post about it in this forum ).
After several weeks of struggling on my own to overcome this situation I ended in a point to understand that i should now put effort in myself and my happiness and look up and continue with my life. I asked
I Ching advice for my attitude from now on, and I got Hex 29 no changing. Really this Hex affrights me, even in line 6 six talks about 3 years of misfortune.
Can anyone help giving a second look to it ?, or explaining if it so literal dark time, abysmal, misfortune
and so on.

Thank you! :weep:

moss elk

Jul 22, 2013
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Last week i was invited to a friends house for an evening of socially playing some games.
I wasnt certain if i wanted to go, so consulted about it and got 29 unchanging.
Danger? What? Nothing i was aware of was dangerous.

A new guy showed up that night who was very competetive, and pouty when he wasnt winning.
He kept lashing out verbally in small ways. Now if i had taken anything personally he said, or hooked in to any of his repeated little barbs (thereby becoming angry like him) it may have lead to an unpleasant evening.
When i realized this i remembered why i was there: to have some small fun with friends, to have a good time.
When i was losing in a particular game, i subtly (i think) intentionally made a show of being a good sport and laughing about it, others joining in. After a while, the unhappy new guy lightened up and actually joked at his own expense. I sincerely wished to have a good time, acted in accordance with that and ended up teaching the other fellow how to. There are all sorts if dangers one may encounter, but sincerity and presence of mind can often get one through them.

So 29 isnt always a death bell, just something to be aware of and act accordingly.
From the other post i like Rosada's "stay calm and carry on"

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