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Help needed with urgent question about relationship


Sep 12, 2016
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Hi everyone,

My first time here, I really could use some help with the following. I started a relationship with a guy who I have been seeing for three months now. Before we met he just broke up with another. We don't see each other very often because he lives in another country. Last weekend he told me he found it very difficult that we were so far apart and that he thought it was best to end it now, before we ended up broken hearted, it just was to complicated for him right now. I left pretty heart broken. I feel awful right now and lost. I feel deeply connected with him. I think that he lets his mind overrule his feelings for me. So today I asked what his true feelings for me are. I got hexagram ending in hexagram 50. Is there any hope left for me that it is going to be okay? Will we get together again? Any thoughts on this? Much appreciated!


Hi Skywalker,

One aspect of hexagram 59 that I have experienced is "let things go". In that sense, you don't try to structure things to work in a certain way, you don't create boundaries, you don't hold hard feelings in you heart, you just let things to disperse and flow. You reading regarding his feelings seems to show that this guy is doing just that. I cannot tell if "it is going to be ok" from your point of you, because you want to be with him. But sometimes you get the benefit of embracing the "dispersion", because you release the anxiety and the pressure (line 5) you could even find yourself in a better position. At the moment, this is where you are, a picture of the present, not a prediction for the future.


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Jun 3, 2006
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59.3 He dissolves himself.
He made decisions not based on his emotional preferences but on what he saw as practical.

59.4 He dissolves his bond with his group.
Again, doing what he thought was best in the long term.

59.5 Loud cries. Dissolution!
He wanted to be honest and clear with you.

50. The superior man makes his position correct.
He knew that ultimately this relationship wasn't going to work for him and he wanted his life to be without confusion or misunderstanding.

I think this reading does not say what his feelings were/are for you, only that he recognized a long distance relationship would not work for him. He just wanted out.

Although this reading doesn't tell us anything new, I think it can be helpful for you in that it confirms what he told you or what you suspected about why the break-up.
50. The Ting is so clear about making one's position correct that I think you can take it as an omen that, regardless of how it hurts, he was probably right and you are better off moving on.

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