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Hex 14 unchanging


Jul 14, 2008
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I have things on my mind, that make me want to ask the IC for advice more then once. Just to get some reassurrance from it's answers.
The answers I get, give me peace of mind. And they help through my days.
They comfort me and give me insight of how I must deal with the issue.

But I have read many times, that it's no good to ask the IC more then once about the same thing.

So thinking about that, and starting to doubt the beautiful answers I've had over the last years, I asked the IC: "What influence does it have on the answers I get from you, by me asking about the same issue again and again?"
The answer I got was hex 14 unchanging.

Again a lovely answer in my eyes.
I took it as: It's okay, heaven can be patient if it is helping you.
The answers are valid, because the questions are coming straight from your heart.

How would you interpretate this answer?
Am I fooling myself to see it as a sign of permission to a certain point?


Jun 15, 2010
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You get a rich harvest, as that is what 14 is. However, 14 also demands that one doesn't be overbearing. To receive and maintain a rich harvest means that you must be prudent and cautious. Otherwise, you will deplete your harvest. So, it would seem that you ought to consider how wisely you have been using the Yi. The Yi is not meant solely to give you peace of mind. It is also a call for you act properly and that can, in truth, be disconcerting. A rich harvest requires a great deal of work, not just beautiful answers. The good and the beautiful are not necessarily the same thing.


Mar 17, 2010
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Hi marazu,

I've experienced that the answer you got from Yi each time you remade the question is every time a more focussed and detailed answer about details of the matter.

it's like to observe a situation by looking it trough a magnifying glass, with every ask you near more the magnifying glass to the situation... this make that something of the general scenarios(first ask) is missing cause it became from ask to ask out of focus.


Jun 23, 2009
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I would read 14 unchanging like you have. Situations change so I don't see anything wrong with asking more than one question. Usually when you've asked too many that you've stopped listening you get hexagrams that tell you to stop and listen. The i ching always answers, but sometimes it does seem to get fed up and tells you to stop pushing the oracle. I think situations are multi-faceted and change with time and what you do that sometimes you need to ask more than once. I think as long as you give thought to each answer and what it means, there's nothing wrong with asking again. Although of course not asking the same question, as that would be like doubting the oracles answers or wanting a more perceived favourable answer. Usually the oracle knows that and tells you so if that's the case. I think sometimes asking multiple questions can be good, to help give detail and understanding, especially if you're trying to decide a course of action or change something. Asking for more than one prediction type question about an issue never really gets me anywhere though. If it's something with a cut and dry answer, or which is just impossible for the i ching to answer, the i ching will reflect that back to me if I ask more than once.

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