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hex 18 and the seed of King Minos


Apr 26, 1970
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Hello Fellow Seekers,

I have good news about a funny fantasy novel I wrote about 16 years ago. CIRCE is my favourite piece of work, my first novel. And it has found a publisher with Mojocastle Press. A very fair contract with 45% royalty on net proceeds. The book will initially be in digital format and then as a paperback. I am thrilled. There is a bit of editing I expect to do along with the editor - which will be a terrific experience I'm sure - working with a professional editor. She said we had to take out one of the chapters - Pasiphae's Perversion - and I said fine and offered to replace it with a fresh chapter. I drew hex 18 when I asked about the future of my book with this publisher and it immediately made sense to me. The hex spoke of working hard and changing something spoilt. I was all goosebumpy when I read that its ideogram is a jar of poisonous insects which reminded me of the ejaculate of King Minos - full of of scorpions, etc!!! Minos, the husband of Pasiphae.

So I got to work and wrote to my publisher about my idea about revisiting the Maya (There's another chapter dealing with the Maya in the book) - this time to do with chocolate as a substitute for sex. The book is really a satire on sex and the love quest. She said good and I wrote the new chapter. I was a bit nervous - after all, my tone and style had to be the same as 16 years ago! I bleieve I did a good job - I got good critiques from my writing workshop. So what's the point of this post? Just to share with my fellow seekers what I understand about 18 - get moving! Any other takes on this?

Best for your Quest



Jun 18, 2006
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You seem to have Hex 18 all sorted out, just a rewrite of one of the chapters and then all looks well for you, so carry on and do your best.

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