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Hex# 29...no changing lines


May 30, 2006
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My family and I are coping with my mother's very serious surgery as best we can right now. She's in critical condition. It's the most painful thing I'm going through right now. I don't like seeing mom hooked up to all those tubes. Not to mention how painful it is for my dad to see his wife so helpless. I ask the Yi a question concerning my mother so I can best prepare for the best or the worst. I don't fully understand 59 however.

Can the rest of the forum guide me as honestly as you can? I would also appreciate any prayers that you all may offer for my mother and my family.

"What's going to happen to my mother, please show me."

I received Hex# 29...no moving lines.

Question: does this mean that the Mandate of Heaven can't be changed? I've read Hex# 29 several times before posting, but, perhaps due to my emotional state I'm unable to see with clarity.

thank you and thank you for your prayers,

mirror saw


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Jun 3, 2006
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Hi Mirror,
Best wishes to you and your family at this testing time. You might get value looking up 29 in the hexagram index here. My take on 29 is that one is going through an experience there is no alternative to, you just have to go through it. The good news is that while it appears there is no way out, the judgment promises, "If you are sincere, you have success in your heart, and whatever you do succeeds." I suggest you do everything you can to keep each others spirits up and not indulge in any negativity.


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Jul 11, 1971
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I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. It must have been dismaying to get 29, which always looks scary. However, although 29, the time of unavoidable danger, certainly characterizes the overview of your situation, it may not reflect the outcome (in case it made you think the worst). That's one of those big, big questions that in my experience I've found they won't always address.

This may or may not be of help and may be a divergent way to approach the Yi Jing, but you might consider opening up your use of the Yi. It can be a source for coping strategies to help both you and your father through this time. You could try more specific questions that ask for smaller answers. I don't know about anyone else, but I've found the Yi to be very patient about approaching problems this way. Often they let me know--oh so subtly--the direction. That way its possible to extrapolate and so kind of see what's likely to happen. Then I usually get completely skeptical. And then the situation unfolds and I'm once again in awe of and grateful for the privilege of communicating with the Yi. Perhaps this might work for you and help you through this time?

My prayers go to your family now.



Hi mirrow saw

I'm sorry to know this evolution of your mom's health. I know how dificult could be for you (and for anyone, as had been shown by the emotional responses I got from the forum with my first interpretation on your mom's health)

Because you asked an honest comment, I must say: This fee-back, and the new unchanging answers (59 and 29) are congruent with my previous interpretation. Sorry to say it, but is what I see with honesty

Your family should be prepared. Maybe you could find useful to re-read Hilary's own experience with her mother. Pain, suffer, loss... yes. But also, the posibility to seize the time togethr as long as it last. And help (your mom, your family but even more yourself) to walk this Path of Water with wisdom, to arrive a better life.

I should say something else, again and again (that was the most important part of my first interpretation): this is an objective situation. You are doing the best you can do... you are a good and loving son.

Please, please, don't allow this dificult situation produce guilty feelings in you. Because there is nothing to feel guilt; and because that won't be good for you and for your mom.

I would like to have wise words to confort you, but I know how words are useless in this situation..so, I just pray for your family to find the experience of the Great Mother (Kun) recieving you even by walking dificult paths.

Behind any pain, there is always the love... let's pray your pain find consolation, and your love arise and long for ever.

Best wishes


mirror saw said:
"What's going to happen to my mother, please show me."

I received Hex# 29...no moving lines.

Question: does this mean that the Mandate of Heaven can't be changed? I've read Hex# 29 several times before posting, but, perhaps due to my emotional state I'm unable to see with clarity.

thank you and thank you for your prayers,

mirror saw

Sometimes the Iching won't answer your question directly the way you want it to. This to me is not a direct answer... Instead it is adressing the state of mind or the attitude you should instigate for this situation, and it is describing your situation; that it is a unavoidable situation, there are no short-cuts. There is no way to see what may happen, but there are ways to get through it, and there are ways to never get through it, and let it destroy you, regardless of the outcome.

This is the path of heart, movment of emotions, and mind, are of honor. Keep moving, keep breathing, keep feeling, keep thinking.

It is also specificly adressing the question of: What may happen. It is saying that linear corporeal beings like us are not able or permitted to see what will happen, and complete the situation.


Beings not permitted to use completing, Traversing.
Accepting this lets you use Gorge.
Gorge implies falling indeed.

Not falling, as in loss, but falling: as in confronting the situation. Deepining of the experience. The depth of the experience.

The tips it gives is stay centered in the heart. Stay in motion, e-motion. Also keep moving. Keep your experience in motion. Do not stagnate. Keep moving. Keep moving... The path is a one you must traverse. The better you move upon it the better the possiblitiy of achievement. But there are no short-cuts. No windows into the future.

•Image Tradition

Repeating Gorge
Redoubling and venturing indeed.
Stream diffusing and not overfilling
Movement venturing and not letting go one's trustworthiness

Hold fast the heart's Growing [II]
thereupon using the strong center indeed.
Movement possess honor. Going posseses achievement indeed
Heaven veunturing, not permitting ascending indeed

Earth venturing, mountians, rivers hill tops, mounds, indeed.

The kingly prince sets up venturing used to guard his city [III]
Actually venturing's season to avail of the great in fact.

I pray your family traverses this treacherous road with courage and heart.


Jun 18, 2006
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Hi mirror saw,
Hex 29 is a very nasty one and certainly shows that your mother is in very serious danger not of her making but this hex represents water. Water flows, and my take on this is if the water keeping flowing without piling up then the danger will pass, ie your mother will slowly but surely recover from the op. Earthly dangers can be overcome successfully, don't worry. I am sure that everything is very difficult for you at the moment but just be cool. Your mother is not alone in her time of danger, she has doctors and nurses to look after her.

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