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Hex 30 - unchanging


Nov 13, 2019
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I asked for some advice on wanting my ex back and I got hex 30 no changing lines.
It feels to me that I should keep showing my love and be patient. Any advice?


I am very hesitant to say that what I am offering is the end-all, be-all answer for you. It's more just some impressions, and you might want to take them as such.

Here with hex. 30, 'the light appears twice' which is about seeing things clearly. And while we might think it's about letting our 'love light shine', it can just as likely be about distinguishing and articulating things and feelings - so maybe to ask, what are you seeing here and feeling, and is it based on what you want or what the other person wants, or both?

The oracle talks about 'attending to the cow' (a bit of an obscure line I think); it could be about attending to those things which are close to us. And so to attend means to know what the cow wants, what it needs, and also what it doesn't want or need - and in this instance it's less about us and our wants and desires.

Looking to the inner or 'nuclear' trigrams (two, three-line figures made from the inner lines of the hexagram), here you have Wind below (which might represent you), and Lake above (perhaps representing you ex.). So in this situation maybe you are seeking and searching for a connection or to re-connect, while your ex might be content with things just as they are and are not necessarily seeking the same thing, or in the same way.

So, in summary, you want to clarify what your ex is wanting, and consider that it might not be the same thing as what you want. Or, perhaps ... there is some sense of a connection here, but without seeing things clearly you'll never know what's what. We want to shine a light on the situation, not go around wearing rose-colored glasses.

And again, take this only if it seems useful to you. Best, D.

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