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Yesterday I ordered help to fix a problem with a harddisc and asked for the repairprice. He (the "IT-man") should have a closer look before he could tell, so we managed it the way that he came around and got it for examination. This morning I wondered about something he said about not being sure if he could handle it and the price it would be, at all circumstances, 550 DKR, whether he could or could not repair it; some sort of money, and I felt mostly to cancel our agreement. On the other hand: it would be cheaper if he was able to repair it than if I brought it to a computerworkshop were they under all circumstances could repair it but from prices starting from 6000 DKR.
So, very early this morning I got hex 50 with nine on the third place changing to hex 64. The Nanjingrule pointed to only the judgement and the image in hex 50 but I took the nine in 3' place to me as an answere, phoned the ITconsultant and told him that I wanted to cancel the meeting and he said OK and that was it.
Had I taken the Nanjingrule into account I think that I would have let our agreement be fulfilled.

Somehow I sit now with a feeling that I did the right thing no matter that a whole lot of material of mine on that harddisc has gone with the wind....

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Nov 6, 2010
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but why did you decide to cancel your appointment? because 50.3 is blocked?


I don't remember which of my translations I used then, but Kerson & Rosemary Huang got this advice out of 50.3

"A cauldron without its handles is no longer useful for storageor serving. If something has outlived its usefulness, discard it. Releasing your feelings will prove to be therapeutic. "

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