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Hex 54 and lines 3, 5 and 6 (feelings)


Jul 11, 2008
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Hello! I am new to this forum although I have been following for sometime. This forum is awesome!

I was wondering if you guys could help me out in understanding these lines, mostly the evolution from 5 to 6, as I find them contradicting each other (but well, I am sure I'm missing something on my analysis). Here, 54 changes to 1.

For this reading my question was about what X feels for Y. It seems that those feelings go in crescendo until they get to line 6, and and suddenly becomes a "paramount" (?).

I've been searching the forum for more insight on this, but haven't seen threads with this line combinations.

Will you help me? :bows:


Hi Siren,

what X feels for Y - 54, changes 3,5,6, to 1

One of these two people cannot love the other one.
Let's suppose that X is this person.
So Y, for X, is something secondary, disposable, taken for granted.

change 3: Y is a concubine. Again, same as above, no deep feelings.
Y is there for X's comfort. X's needs is what counts, and for X, Y's
needs do not count at all. From the perspective of Y, Y has lost
his/her self-respect, somehow. He/she has accepted this inferior
position, and goes along with it.

change 5: despite the weak basis of this relationship, the two
still stay together for quite a while. They 'appear' to be married,
or at least, their relationship appears to be a stable one. But it's
not - there is one point which i'd take into account here, only
because line 6 follows. Namely, that the bride is not as gorgeous,
in his eyes, as other women. He looks around. Fancies others.
And doesn't feel that Y is the best he could get. She is modest,
but because he didn't marry her out of love, he just cannot see
her excellence, hidden behind her modesty.

(note here, that if this was the only changing line, the whole
meaning would change into something like 'the bride is of aristocratic
birth, but she decides not to flaunt it, and instead of displaying her
rich garments, she decides to be modest, and pay attention to
essence, as opposed to external brilliance' - then the result would
be 58, common joy, presupposing in this case that he does
recognise her brilliance and cherishes her modesty).

change 6: the end of the 'marriage'. The marriage is off. There
are no feelings. It was empty to begin with, and eventually and
inevitably it falls apart, because the basis of it was not real
mutual love.

In this case, i see 1 as meaning a whole new beginning should
take place. A whole new starting point. Both X and Y should learn
their respective lessons, and do what is right. Wipe the slate
clean and start anew. 1 also perhaps tells us here that 'this is as
it should be, this is what always happens in these cases'. 1 means
correct. Both X and Y should actively pursue to do the right thing.

As always with negative readings, i do hope im wrong...

take care!


Mar 6, 2011
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hi damanda,
I know this is a really old post but I was just wondering if you have gained further insight into the hex 54.3.5 (without the 6)
and maybe what it means when that goes to 43.
I see what you're saying about 54.3.5, the essence is there.
But it then changes to 43 for me in a recent reading I have done concerning my relationship with my bf.
My question was "what is the future bringing our relationship?"
Any insight would greatly appreciated thanks!



Feb 22, 2010
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The first thing I notice is that all Yin lines turn into Yang. All those three Yin lines, except line 5 are not auspicious. The whole sign is about an inappropriate relationship. I don't think romantic love in the Western sense comes into it, meaning romantic love and marriage as the perfect match. Only in line 5 comes some kind of reconciliation or appropriateness since the match is staged by a higher authority than those involved in the basically inappropriate relationship. This makes, in my opinion line 3 and line 6 secondary, meaning there is definitely a strong sexual attraction (line 3 involved) but it doesn't lead to new off springs (line 6). If X is happy with the fact that the relationship is, though inappropriate (meaning not straight forward) a good one to have, all ingredients for happiness are nonetheless there leading to a strong and powerful outcome, providing X has the guts to go for it.

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