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hexagram 21 today then 63.1,4,5,6


butterfly spider

I am new to this site - but have been using the I ching from my same book for 39 years. I have reached a point in my life where I could seriously alter the course of not only my own, but my children (aged 15,21 27 and my partner. A window of opportunity has arisen, where I could sell a house, buy a smaller one, take e up a business opportunity, help my middle daughter who is seriously mentally ill move somewhere better. However is it the right thing to do - am I best to hold fire. Something bothers me. I threw the coins and got movement to 64 over the course of the Summer, which indicated a change. Today, really the last possible moment I can change my mind and stay exactly where I am - I got 21 unchanging. Then when I asked about specifically selling the house I got 63 moving lines 1,4,5,6. I am a Libran and decisions are difficult, especially when I have so many balls in the air.
Any thoughts out there.


Sep 13, 2014
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Hello friend:

Hex 21 stands for biting through something, which means that you need to make a decision to remove obstacles in your life(in fact, the image of Hex 21 is just like an opening mouth with a bone inside it).

Now let's look at Hex > 56. Hex 63 stands for finished(maybe it means that you are going to end current situation and start a new life). When there are 4 changing lines, we should consider the hex name and hex code of the changing hexagram(Hex 56). The hex name Hex 56 is "a guest on the trip", and the hex code says "everything will be slightly prosperous, if a guest divine something, you will have good luck." So I Ching suggests that this is an opportunity to improve living conditions(moving to another place is just like a guest on the trip), but you may not make too much money in a short time(slightly prosperous).
I Ching Codes Predicting the Future

butterfly spider

Thank you so much for replying. Am really trying hard here - perhaps too much. I did the I ching this morning and got hexagram 54 with no 2 moving line. Have asked all my friends what they think I should do - and have so many conflicting ideas coming at me, and so many pulls on my heart strings, that it is difficult to know what to do.
Many thanks for your thoughts

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