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Hexagram 5 to 59 - broken friendship

little bird

Sep 28, 2009
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I'm new here and I wanted to ask a clarification about an I-Ching reading.

I recently had my birthday, but the person I always considered to be my best female friend didn't remember of my birthday, didn't phone, didn't e-mailed me, didn't message me, even though she already knew what was my birthday day, and she was around the whole time, even in the day. Actually, she was acting "distant" from me since about a week before.

When one of my male friends came to give me greetings for my birthday, I commented to him: "You were the only one who remembered, she (my female friend) apparently didn't care."

This male friend told around other persons that she, my best female friend, wasn't really my friend in spite of all the affection she ever showed to me, and I replied with a "laughing" (sarcasm) when my male friend repeated to the people the once nice words my female friend used to tell me.

My female friend knew about that and she got upset at me. She said she missed remembering my birthday because she was concerned about some other event that was taking place about someone else in her family, and she showed me her grief because I made fun with my male friend of some nice words she told me once.

The detail is: this male friend doesn't like my female friend much. And, after a whole day, I realised he maybe only wanted to intrigue me with my female friend.

Then I send her a message saying that I was sorry for having being stupid to her for her being unable to remember of my birthday and I said also, "if you won't want me as friend any more, I wanted to tell you that it was nice to have ever known you".

I played the I-Ching in search of some light... I asked the I-Ching "What was my female friend do about me now?"

The answers from the I-Ching were: The Hexagram 5, changing into the Hexagram 59. From what I could see, all that talking about "clouds from the west" didn't give me much hope. I admit I know very few about the I-Ching though.

This female friend is not anyone I have sexual/romantical interest, she's taken. She's just someone I like too much and I feel sad about the possibility that I lost her friendship.

Thank everyone in advance.


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Sep 22, 2006
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Waiting for someone; be patient while you are waiting, misunderstanding needs to be dispersed (H59). Line 1 indicates that what you are waiting for is a long way away and will be some time coming. Line 3 indicates you are "stuck" in the mud of emotion, and that you are vulnerable to attack while stuck. Line 6 indicates that the eventual solution is by outside intervention, which you should accept if it is offered.


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